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belong to
- be the property of, be at the disposal of, be held by, be owned by
- be a member of, be affiliated to, be allied to, be associated with, be included in
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belong to somebody/something phrasal verb (see also belong)

1. if something belongs to someone, they own it:
The book belongs to Dan.
Who does this scarf belong to?

2. to be a member of a group or organization:
He belongs to the golf club.

3. to be related to something or form part of it:
cars that belong to a different era

4. to be related to or produced by a particular person:
She recognized the voice as belonging to the man who had attacked her.

5. if a competition or period of time belongs to someone, they are the most important or successful person in it:
All the acts were good, but the evening belonged to a dance group from Moscow.

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