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belongings /bɪˈlɒŋɪŋz $ bɪˈlɒːŋ-/ noun [plural]

دارائی ، متعلقات ، کسان
[plural noun]
possessions, accoutrements, chattels, effects, gear, goods, paraphernalia, personal property, stuff, things
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belongings /bɪˈlɒŋɪŋz $ bɪˈlɒːŋ-/ noun [plural]
the things you own, especially things that you can carry with you Synonym : possessions:
an insurance policy that covers your personal belongings

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ADJ. personal
VERB + BELONGINGS collect/gather (together/up), pack (up) She collected up her personal belongings and left.
go through, look through, rifle through, search In her absence, someone had gone through her belongings.
sort through He was trying to sort through his belongings and bring them to some sort of order.

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