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below /bɪˈləʊ $ -ˈloʊ/ adverb, preposition

درزیر ، پایین ، مادون ، ورزش: قسمت زیر عرشه
- lesser, inferior, subject, subordinate
- less than, lower than
- lower, beneath, down, under, underneath
Antonyms: above, supra
Contrasted words: over
English Thesaurus: under, below, underneath, beneat

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below S2 W2 /bɪˈləʊ $ -ˈloʊ/ adverb, preposition
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: low1]

1. in a lower place or position, or on a lower level Antonym : above:
an animal that lives below ground
Water was dripping onto the floor below.
I could hear voices in the courtyard below my window.
They camped a few hundred feet below the summit.
Down below, people were talking and laughing.
Somewhere far below, a door slammed.
The kitchen is directly below her bedroom.
Captain Parker went below (=to the lower level of the ship), leaving Clooney in charge.

2. of a lower rank or having a less important job than someone else Antonym : above:
No one below the level of senior manager was present at the meeting.
and/or below
officers of the rank of captain and below

3. less than a particular number, amount, level etc Antonym : above:
Test scores below 50 were classed as ‘unsatisfactory’.
In June the rate of inflation fell below 3%.
Tom’s spelling is well below average (=much worse than the normal standard).
below freezing/zero (=lower than the temperature at which water freezes)
In winter, temperatures dip to 40 degrees below freezing.
and/or below
free travel for children four years old and below

4. lower on the same page, or on a later page Antonym : above:
Details of courses are listed below.
For more information, see below.
below par at par(2), ⇒ below the belt at belt1(4)

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BAD: Below the table there were some empty wine bottles.
GOOD: Under the table there were some empty wine bottles.

Usage Note:
below = at or to a lower level than something: 'My room is on the third floor, and John's is on the floor below.' 'Our helicopter hovered just below the summit so that we could film the rescue.
'under (or beneath/underneath ) = directly below something, and sometimes touching or covered by it: 'Come and stand under my umbrella.' 'I eventually found the letter under a pile of old newspapers.'

BAD: The below report describes my recent stay at the Hotel Grove.
GOOD: The report below describes my recent stay at the Hotel Grove.

Usage Note:
When below refers to the position of something on a page, it comes after the noun: 'Last month's sales figures are set out in the table below.'
Note that above can go before or after the noun: 'the table above', 'the above table'.

BAD: The room rates are much below average for hotels in this area.
GOOD: The room rates are far below average for hotels in this area.

Usage Note:
far below (NOT much ): 'The cost of the trip was far below what we had expected.'
Compare: 'The room rates were much/far lower than we had expected.'

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