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beneath /bɪˈniːθ/ adverb, preposition

در زیر ، از زیر ، پایین تر از ، روی خاک ، کوچکتر ، پست تر ، زیرین ، پایینی ، پایین تر ، تحتانی ، تحت نفوذ ، تحت فشار
- under, below, lower than, underneath
- inferior to, below, less than
- unworthy of, unbefitting
- underneath, below, in a lower place
Antonyms: above, over
English Thesaurus: under, below, underneath, beneat

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beneath W2 /bɪˈniːθ/ adverb, preposition formal
[Language: Old English; Origin: beneothan, from neothan 'below']

1. in or to a lower position than something, or directly under something Synonym : underneath:
The dolphins disappeared beneath the waves.
Jo enjoyed feeling the warm sand beneath her feet.
He was standing on the bridge looking at the river beneath.
Some roofs collapsed beneath the weight of (=unable to support the weight of) so much snow.

In everyday English, people usually use underneath (as an adverb or preposition) or under (as a preposition) when talking about position:
They hid under the table.
a picture with a caption underneath

2. covered by something:
Shiona shivered beneath the bedclothes.

3. used to say that someone’s real character or feelings are not shown because their appearance or behaviour is different Synonym : underneath:
Dave sensed that something more sinister lay beneath the woman’s cheerful exterior.
Beneath the surface she was angry.

4. not good enough or suitable for someone:
She acts as if even speaking to us is beneath her.
He felt it would be beneath his dignity to comment.
His mother felt he was marrying beneath him (=marrying someone who was not good enough).
I consider such behaviour to be beneath contempt (=so bad that you have no respect for the person involved).

5. in a lower, less important rank or job than someone else Synonym : below

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