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bent /bent/
bent adjective

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {bend}

قاب ، پایه ، اسم رمز از کار افتادن وسایل ، علف نیزار ، علف بوریا ، علف شبیه نی ، سرازیری ، سربالایی ، نشیب ، خمیدگی ، خم شده ، منحنی ، علوم مهندسی: طاق خمیده ، عمران: محافظ قالب بتن ، معماری: خرک ، علوم نظامی: اسم رمز برای خرابی وسایل
- curved, angled, arched, bowed, crooked, hunched, stooped, twisted
- bent on: determined to, disposed to, fixed on, inclined to, insistent on, predisposed to, resolved on, set on
- inclination, ability, aptitude, leaning, penchant, preference, propensity, tendency
Contrasted words: antipathy, aversion, inability, incapacity
English Thesaurus: bent, twisted, curved, warped, crooked, ...

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I. bent1 /bent/
the past tense and past participle of bend

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II. bent2 adjective

1. no longer straight:
a bent nail
Stand with your knees slightly bent.
He breathed in deeply, bent double in pain (=with the top part of your body leaning forward towards your legs).
a bent old man (=not standing straight)

2. bent on something completely determined to do something, especially something bad:
a crowd of hooligans bent on violence
be bent on doing something
They seemed bent on destroying his career.hell-bent

3. British English informal financially dishonest and willing to use your official position unfairly Antonym : honest:
a bent policeman

4. British English informal not polite an insulting word meaning homosexual

5. bent out of shape American English spoken very angry or upset

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III. bent3 noun [singular]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: bent 'curve' (16-19 centuries), from bend1]
formal special natural skill or interest in a particular area
musical/artistic/literary etc bent
readers of a more literary bent

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VERBS be, look | become, get The lamp post got bent in the crash.
ADV. slightly He stood with knees slightly bent.
PHRASES bent double The man shuffled back a few paces, bent almost double.

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ADJ. natural | artistic, intellectual, literary, philosophical, scientific
VERB + BENT have She has an artistic bent.
show He showed a literary bent from a young age.
PREP. with ~ a child with a scientific bent
~ for a natural bent for languages

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