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bike /baɪk/ noun [countable]

کندوی زنبو عسل ، انبوه ، جمعیت ، مخففbicycle ، دوچرخه ، ورزش: موتورسیکلت
Synonyms: bicycle, cycle, two-wheeler, velocipede

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I. bike1 S2 /baɪk/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: bicycle]

1. a bicycle:
Let’s go for a bike ride.
by bike
They’ll be coming by bike.

2. informal a motorcycle

3. on your bike! British English spoken used to tell someone rudely to go away

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II. bike2 verb

1. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] informal to ride a bicycle:
She bikes to work every day.

2. [transitive] to take something to someone by motorcycle in order to get it there quickly
bike something over/round
We’re late for our deadline. Can you bike the photos over to us?

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ADJ. mountain, racing, touring, trail | exercise
VERB + BIKE ride | get on He got on his bike and rode off.
get off | come off, fall off She came off her bike when it skidded on some wet leaves.
knock sb off | pedal She pedalled her bike up the track.
push, wheel We had to push our bikes up the hill.
park | hire
BIKE + VERB get/have a puncture
BIKE + NOUN ride | shed
PREP. by ~ Did you come by bike?
on a/the ~ watching the boys on their bikes
PHRASES lean/prop a bike against sth

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go somewhere by bike
I usually go to work by bike.
ride a bike
Her Dad taught her to ride a bike and to drive.
get on/off a bike
He got off his bike and walked with her for a while.
rent a bike (also hire a bike British English)
You can rent bikes and explore the island's cycle paths.
a mountain bike (=a strong bicycle for riding over rough ground)
They went out for a country ride on their mountain bikes.
a racing bike
He bought a cool new racing bike.
an exercise bike (=used for exercising indoors)
I usually go on the exercise bike and the rowing machine.
a bike ride
We used to go for long bike rides in the summer holidays.
a bike race
The Tour de France is a famous bike race.
a bike shed
They used to meet behind the bike sheds at school.
a bike rack (=a metal frame that you can attach your bike to)
All stations should provide bike racks for passengers.

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