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bill /bɪl/ noun [countable]

دادخواست ، گزارش جریان دعوی ، سند مالی ، لایحه یا طرح قانونی ، بیجک ، حواله ، اسناد بازرگانی ، منقار ، نوعی شمشیر پهن ، نوک بنوک هم زدن (چون کبوتران) ، لایحه ، قبض ، برات ، سند ، (امر). اسکناس ، صورتحساب دادن ، قانون ـ فقه: اعلامیه مربوط به حقوق عمومی و ازادیهای فردی که در مواقع غیر عادی و خاص تصویب می شود ، بازرگانی: تهیه کردن صورتحساب ، اسکناس
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: قبض ، صورتحساب

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- charges, account, invoice, reckoning, score, statement, tally
- proposal, measure, piece of legislation, projected law
- advertisement, bulletin, circular, handbill, handout, leaflet, notice, placard, poster
- list, agenda, card, catalogue, inventory, listing, programme, roster, schedule
- charge, debit, invoice
- advertise, announce, give advance notice of, post
beak, mandible, neb (archaic or dialect), nib
Related Idioms: statement of account
Related Words: charges, damage
English Thesaurus: bill, check, invoice, tab, examine, ...

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Bill, The
a popular British television programme about a police station in London and the crimes solved by its police officers

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I. bill1 S1 W1 /bɪl/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1-7, 9: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: billa, from Latin bulla 'bubble, seal added to a document'; boil1]
[Sense 8,10: Language: Old English; Origin: bile]
[Sense 11: Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Old Bill]

1. REQUEST FOR PAYMENT a written list showing how much you have to pay for services you have received, work that has been done etc
bill for
The bill for the repairs came to $650.
Have you paid the phone bill?

2. RESTAURANT especially British English a list showing how much you have to pay for food you have eaten in a restaurant Synonym : check American English:
Could we have the bill, please?

3. LAW a written proposal for a new law, that is brought to a parliament so that it can be discussed
approve/pass/veto a bill
The House of Representatives passed a new gun-control bill.
The senator introduced a bill that would increase the minimum wage.

4. MONEY American English a piece of paper money Synonym : note British Englishcoin:
a five-dollar bill

5. fit/fill the bill to be exactly what you need:
This car fits the bill perfectly. It’s cheap and gets good mileage.

6. CONCERT/SHOW ETC a programme of entertainment at a theatre, concert, cinema etc, with details of who is performing, what is being shown etc:
Tricia topped the bill (=was the most important performer) at the Children’s Variety Show.

7. give somebody/something a clean bill of health to officially state that someone is in good health or that something is working correctly:
Maddox was given a clean bill of health.

8. BIRD a bird’s beak

9. ADVERTISEMENT a printed notice advertising an event

10. PART OF A HAT American English the front part that sticks out on a hat such as a baseball cap

11. the (old) bill British English spoken the police

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II. bill2 verb

1. [transitive] to send someone a bill:
Clients will be billed monthly.
bill somebody for something
I was billed for equipment that I didn’t order.

2. be billed to do something if someone is billed to appear, perform etc somewhere, it has been planned and advertised that they will do this:
Johnson was billed to speak at two conferences.

3. bill and coo old-fashioned to kiss and talk softly
bill something as something phrasal verb
to advertise or describe something in a particular way:
The castle bills itself as the oldest in England.

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I. showing money owed for goods/services
ADJ. big, high, huge, large | outstanding, unpaid | itemized | electricity, fuel, gas, hospital, hotel, phone/telephone, etc. | tax
VERB + BILL get, have Could I have the bill please? I've just got a huge tax bill.
be landed with, face The company could now face higher fuel bills.
run up We ran up a very large hotel bill.
foot, pay, pick up, settle Don't worry?the company will pick up the bill.
present sb with, send sb, submit They presented us with a very large bill.
cut, reduce We need to cut our electricity bills.
PREP. on a/the ~ Are the coffees on the bill?
~ for the bill for the meal

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II. proposal for a new law
ADJ. controversial | emergency | private member's
VERB + BILL bring before Parliament, bring forward/in, introduce, propose, put forward, submit The bill will be brought before Parliament next year. The government has put forward an emergency bill to limit the powers of the police.
force through, push through, railroad through, rush through The opposition will try to force the bill through Parliament.
draft, prepare | amend | debate | adopt, approve, pass | support, vote for | defeat, reject, throw out, veto | oppose, vote against | shelve, withdraw

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III. programme of entertainment
ADJ. double
VERB + BILL head, top Tom Jones is topping the bill.
PREP. on a/the ~ Mozart is on the bill this evening.

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pay a bill
Most people pay their bills on time.
settle a bill (=pay it)
She went down to the lobby to settle the bill for their rooms.
foot the bill/pick up the bill (=pay for something, especially when you do not want to)
Taxpayers will probably have to foot the bill.
run up a bill (=use a lot of something so that you have a big bill to pay)
It’s easy to run up a big bill on your mobile phone.
face a bill (=have a lot to pay on a bill)
They were facing a mounting legal bill.
cut/reduce a bill
We need to find a way to cut our fuel bill.
a bill comes to something (=is for that amount)
The bill came to $60.
a big/huge bill
Turn off the lights or we’ll get a huge electricity bill.
an electricity/gas/phone etc bill
I’ll have to pay the gas bill too next month.
a hotel bill
He paid the hotel bill by credit card.
a tax bill
There are various ways you can reduce your tax bill.
an unpaid bill
She had unpaid bills amounting to £3,000.
an outstanding bill (=still unpaid)
He still didn’t have enough to pay his outstanding bills.

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See: clean bill of health , fill the bill

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