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birthday /ˈbɜːθdeɪ $ ˈbɜːr-/ noun [countable]

زادروز ، جشن تولد ، میلاد
birthday S1 W3 /ˈbɜːθdeɪ $ ˈbɜːr-/ noun [countable]

1. your birthday is a day that is an exact number of years after the day you were born:
It’s my birthday on Monday.
My aunt called to wish me a happy birthday.
Anne’s birthday party

2. a day that is an exact number of years since an organization was established or an event first happened ⇒ anniversary:
The City of Cleveland Orchestra is celebrating its 200th birthday.

3. in your birthday suit informal not wearing any clothes – used humorously

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ADJ. last, next I'll be 28 next birthday.
VERB + BIRTHDAY have I hope you have a nice birthday.
spend She spent her 50th birthday in Paris.
celebrate | mark an exhibition to mark the artist's 70th birthday
forget, remember | approach He is approaching his 40th birthday, and thinking of retiring from sport.
BIRTHDAY + NOUN gift, present | card | cake | party | surprise He had a portrait painted as a birthday surprise for his daughter.
treat We're taking him to see the new film for his birthday treat.
PREP. for your ~ What do you want for your birthday?
on your ~ She'll be 34 on her next birthday.
PHRASES Happy birthday!, wish sb a happy birthday Wish John a happy birthday from me.

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sb’s first/18th/40th etc birthday
It’s Mum’s 50th birthday tomorrow.
Happy Birthday! (=said to someone on their birthday)
Happy Birthday, Linda!
have a good/nice etc birthday
Did you have a nice birthday?
get something for your birthday
What did you get for your birthday?
celebrate sb’s birthday
He will celebrate his 90th birthday on 25th August.
remember sb’s birthday (=remember to send a card or present)
She always remembers my birthday.
forget sb’s birthday (=forget to send a card or present)
Oh no! I forgot his birthday.
give something to somebody for their birthday
I never know what to give him for his birthday.
a birthday card
Don’t forget to send her a birthday card.
a birthday present
Have you got Lou a birthday present yet?
a birthday party
Can you come to my birthday party next Saturday?
a birthday cake
She had a birthday cake with 21 silver candles on it.
birthday celebrations
the President’s 60th birthday celebrations
a birthday treat (=something special you do on your birthday)
What would you like to do for a birthday treat?
a birthday meal
Where are you going for your birthday meal?
the birthday girl/boy informal (=the person whose birthday it is)
Here comes the birthday girl!

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