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bitter /ˈbɪtə $ -ər/ adjective

تلخ ، تند ، تیز ، (مج). جگرسوز ، طعنه امیز ، شیمی: تلخ
- sour, acid, acrid, astringent, harsh, sharp, tart, unsweetened, vinegary
- resentful, acrimonious, begrudging, hostile, sore, sour, sullen
- freezing, biting, fierce, intense, severe, stinging
Contrasted words: delicious, bland, flat, insipid, agreeable, gratifying, satisfying, mild, springlike, summery
Related Words: acerb, acid, bitterish, annoying, distressing, disturbing, woeful, bad, disagreeable, displeasing, offensive, unpleasant, galling, provoking, vexatious, alienated, divided, estranged, irreconcilable
English Thesaurus: beer, lager, ale, draught beer, real ale, ...

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I. bitter1 S3 W3 /ˈbɪtə $ -ər/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: biter]

1. feeling angry, jealous, and upset because you think you have been treated unfairly ⇒ bitterly
bitter about
I feel very bitter about it.
a bitter old man

2. [only before noun] making you feel very unhappy and upset ⇒ bitterly
a bitter disappointment/blow
If he failed, it would be a bitter disappointment to his parents.
His photo stirred up bitter memories.
from bitter experience (=because of your own very unpleasant experiences)
She knew from bitter experience that it would be impossible to talk it over with Julian.

3. a bitter argument, battle etc is one in which people oppose or criticize each other with strong feelings of hate and anger
bitter dispute/battle/struggle etc
The couple are locked in a bitter battle for custody of the children.
The government faces bitter opposition to these policies.
The countries are still bitter enemies.

4. having a strong sharp taste, like black coffee without sugar ⇒ sour, sweet:
Enjoy the beer’s bitter taste as you slowly drink it.
bitter chocolate

5. unpleasantly cold ⇒ bitterly:
a bitter wind
the bitter cold of the Midwestern winters

6. to the bitter end continuing until the end, even though this is difficult:
Employees have vowed to fight the closure to the bitter end.

7. a bitter pill (to swallow) something very unpleasant that you must accept:
The knowledge that his friends no longer trusted him was a bitter pill to swallow.
—bitterness noun [uncountable]

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II. bitter2 noun

1. [uncountable and countable] British English a type of dark beer that is popular in Britain, or a glass of this:
A pint of bitter, please.

2. bitters [uncountable] a strong bitter liquid made from plants that is added to alcoholic drinks

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I. angry/unhappy
VERBS be, feel, seem | become, grow, turn He had grown bitter as the years passed. Loving relationships can turn bitter.
remain | leave sb, make sb The divorce had left her bitter.
ADV. extremely, very | quite, rather, slightly
PREP. about She still seems quite bitter about it.
towards I felt very bitter towards them.

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II. very cold
VERBS be | become, turn The weather turned bitter.
ADV. extremely, really, very | quite, rather

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III. having a sharp taste
VERBS be, taste The drink tasted bitter.
ADV. extremely, very | rather, slightly, somewhat

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a bitter battle/dispute
There was a bitter battle over the building of the new airport.
a bitter fight/struggle
The law was passed after a bitter fight that lasted nearly a decade.
a bitter conflict
The stage is set for a bitter conflict with trade unions.
a bitter debate/argument
The country now faces a bitter debate over the issue.
bitter disagreement
There were reports of bitter disagreement between the European Communities.
bitter opposition
The new tax aroused bitter opposition.
a bitter rival/enemy (=a rival/enemy who you have strong feelings of dislike or anger about)
The two men are bitter rivals for the party leadership.

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See: to the bitter end

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