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blanch /blɑːntʃ $ blæntʃ/ verb

رنگ پریده یاسفید شدن ، سفیدکردن (با اسیدوغیره) ، سفیدپوست کردن ، رنگ پریده کردن ، رنگ چیزی را بردن
Synonyms: whiten, bleach, blench, decolor, decolorize, white
Synonyms: recoil, blench, flinch, quail, shrink, squinch, start, wince

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blanch /blɑːntʃ $ blæntʃ/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: blanchir, from blanc 'white']

1. [transitive] to put vegetables, fruit, or nuts into boiling water for a short time:
Blanch the peaches and remove the skins.

2. [intransitive] literary to become pale because you are frightened or shocked:
Patrick visibly blanched.

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