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bleed /bliːd/ verb (past tense and past participle bled /bled/)

Irregular Forms: (bled)

خون امدن از ، خون جاری شدن از ، خون گرفتن از ، خون ریختن ، اخاذی کردن ، شیمی: رنگ پس دادن ، علوم هوایی: فرار کردن یک سیال
کامپیوتر: رنگ پس دادن

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- lose blood, flow, gush, ooze, run, shed blood, spurt
- draw or take blood, extract, leech
- extort, drain, exhaust, fleece, milk, squeeze

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bleed /bliːd/ verb (past tense and past participle bled /bled/)
[Word Family: noun: blood, bleeding; adjective: bloodless, bloody; verb: bleed]
[Language: Old English; Origin: bledan, from blod; blood]

a) [intransitive] to lose blood, especially because of an injury:
Your nose is bleeding.
Tragically, she bled to death.
bleed profusely/heavily (=bleed a lot)
Mrs Burke was found unconscious and bleeding profusely.
b) [transitive] to take some blood from someone’s body, done in the past in order to treat a disease:
When he fell sick several days later, he had a doctor bleed him.

2. MONEY [transitive] to force someone to pay an unreasonable amount of money over a period of time:
His ex-wife clearly intends to bleed him for every last penny.
bleed somebody dry/white (=take all their money, possessions etc)
The ten-year war has bled the country dry.

3. AIR/LIQUID [transitive] to remove air or liquid from a system in order to make it work properly, for example from a heating system:
We need to bleed the radiators.

4. COLOUR [intransitive] to spread from one area of cloth or paper to another Synonym : run:
Wash it in cold water so the colours don’t bleed.

5. bleed red ink informal if a company or business bleeds red ink, it loses a lot of money, rather than making money:
Analysts predict the retailer will continue to bleed red ink, with losses topping $180 million.
my heart bleeds (for somebody) at heart(38)

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ADV. badly, heavily, profusely | easily The small blood vessels in the nose bleed easily.
PREP. from She was bleeding heavily from a head wound.
PHRASES bleed to death

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