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blemish /ˈblemɪʃ/ noun [countable]

خسارت واردکردن ، اسیب زدن ، لکه دار کردن ، بدنام کردن ، افترا زدن ، نقص
- mark, blot, defect, disfigurement, fault, flaw, imperfection, smudge, stain, taint
- stain, damage, disfigure, impair, injure, mar, mark, spoil, sully, taint, tarnish
Related Words: fault, scar, blister, blotch, disfigurement, pockmark, wart, catch, snag, tear
English Thesaurus: blemish, mole, freckles, birthmark, bruise, ...

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I. blemish1 /ˈblemɪʃ/ noun [countable]
a small mark, especially a mark on someone’s skin or on the surface of an object, that spoils its appearance

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II. blemish2 verb [transitive often passive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: blemir 'to make pale, injure']
to spoil the beauty or appearance of something, so that it is not perfect ⇒ unblemished
—blemished adjective

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ADJ. minor, slight
VERB + BLEMISH have The police say the suspect has a slight blemish on his left cheek.
PREP. without (a) ~ (figurative) He was pilloried, but she escaped without blemish.

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