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blind /blaɪnd/ adjective
blind verb [transitive]

چراغ چشمک زن، چراغ اعلام خطر
(adj.) کور، نابینا، تاریک، ناپیدا، غیر خوانایی، بی بصیرت
(vi.& vt.) کورکردن، خیره کردن، درز یا راه (چیزی را) گرفتن، (مج). اغفال کردن
(adv.& n.) چشم بند، پناه، سنگر، مخفی گاه، هرچیزی که مانع عبور نور شود، پرده، در پوش، کامپیوتر: کور کردن، معماری: پرده، قانون فقه: نابینا، ورزش: کمینگاه، علوم هوایی: بدون دید مستقیم پرسنل، علوم نظامی: چشمک زدن علامت دادن
ارسال ایمیل
الکترونیک: کور کردن، کامپیوتر: نابینا، فقهی: کمینگاه، ورزشی: بدون دید مستقیم پرسنل، هواپیمایی: پرده، معماری: چراغ چشمک زن، چراغ اعلام خطر، چشمک زدن علامت دادن، علوم نظامی :) adj. (: کور، نابینا، تاریک، ناپیدا، غیر خوانایی، بی بصیرت، :) vi.and vt. (کورکردن، خیره کردن، درز یا راه (چیزی را) گرفتن، (مج).اغفال کردن، :) adv.and n. (چشم بند، پناه، سنگر، مخفی گاه، هرچیزی که مانع عبور نور شود، پرده، در پوشکامپیوتر: کور

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- sightless, eyeless, unseeing, unsighted, visionless
- unaware of, careless, heedless, ignorant, inattentive, inconsiderate, indifferent, insensitive, oblivious, unconscious of
- unreasoning, indiscriminate, prejudiced
- cover, camouflage, cloak, façade, feint, front, mask, masquerade, screen, smoke screen
Contrasted words: seeing, sighted, keen, sharp
Related Idioms: blind as a bat
Related Words: dim-sighted, purblind, short-sighted, blindish, blindfolded, unseeing
English Thesaurus: see, look at somebody/something, notice, spot, catch sight of/catch a glimpse of, ...

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I. blind1 S2 W3 /blaɪnd/ adjective
[Language: Old English]

a) unable to see ⇒ colour-blind, visually impaired, handicapped:
a school for blind children
the needs of blind people
totally/completely/almost/partially blind
She’s almost blind in her right eye.
He was slowly going blind (=becoming blind).
Beverley was born blind.
b) the blind [plural] people who are unable to see:
talking books for the blind
c) as blind as a bat unable to see well – used humorously:
I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses.
d) blind with tears/rage/pain etc unable to see because of tears, pain, or a strong emotion ⇒ blindly:
She screamed at him, her eyes blind with tears.

2. be blind to something to completely fail to notice or realize something ⇒ blindly:
International companies are all too often blind to local needs.
He was totally blind to the faults of his children.

3. turn a blind eye (to something) to deliberately ignore something that you know should not be happening:
Teachers were turning a blind eye to smoking in school.

4. not take/pay a blind bit of notice British English informal to completely ignore what someone does or says, especially in a way that is annoying:
He never pays a blind bit of notice to what his staff tell him.

5. not make a blind bit of difference British English informal used to emphasize that whatever someone says or does will not change the situation at all:
Try and talk to her if you want, but I don’t think it’ll make a blind bit of difference.

a) blind faith/prejudice/obedience etc strong feelings that someone has without thinking about why they have them – used to show disapproval:
Blind faith sent thousands of people to a pointless war.
a story about blind loyalty
b) blind panic/rage strong feelings of fear or anger that you cannot control:
In a moment of blind panic, she had pulled the trigger and shot the man dead.
Blind rage took hold of him.

7. ROAD blind bend/corner a corner in a road that you cannot see beyond when you are driving

8. the blind leading the blind used to say that people who do not know much about what they are doing are guiding or advising others who know nothing at all

9. AIRCRAFT blind flying is when you use only instruments to fly an aircraft because you cannot see through cloud, mist etc
—blindness noun

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II. blind2 verb [transitive]

1. to make it difficult for someone to see for a short time:
For a moment, I was blinded by the glare of headlights coming towards me.
The dust choked and blinded him.
Blinded by tears, I walked towards the door.

2. to make someone lose their good sense or judgment and be unable to see the truth about something:
He should have known better, but he was blinded by his own wants.
blind somebody to something
Children’s bad behaviour should not blind us to their need for love.
His single-minded determination to win the war is blinding him to other dangers.

3. to permanently destroy someone’s ability to see:
He had been blinded in an explosion.

4. blind somebody with science to confuse or trick someone by using complicated language
effing and blinding at eff(1)

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III. blind3 noun

1. (also (window) shade American English) [countable] a covering, especially one made of cloth, that can be rolled up and down to cover a window inside a building:
The blinds were drawn (=pulled down) to protect the new furniture from the sun.
open/pull down/draw the blindsroller blind, Venetian blind

2. [countable] American English a small shelter where you can watch birds or animals without being seen by them Synonym : hide British English

3. [singular] a trick or excuse to stop someone from discovering the truth

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IV. blind4 adverb
blind drunk British English informal extremely drunk
rob somebody blind at rob(3), ⇒ swear blind at swear(3)

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I. unable to see
VERBS be, be born | be registered (as) | go She went blind at the age of ten.
make sb
ADV. totally | almost, virtually | partially
PHRASES as blind as a bat, be blind in one eye/in both eyes He is almost blind in one eye.

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II. blind to sth: not willing to notice/admit sth
VERBS be, seem | become | make sb
ADV. completely, totally His own problems have made him completely blind to the sufferings of others.

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ADJ. roller, venetian
VERB + BLIND open, pull up, raise | close, draw, lower, pull down
PREP. through a/the ~ She saw a shadowy figure through the blind.

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ADV. almost, nearly The strong light almost blinded him.
momentarily, temporarily

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BAD: Some people become blind with the disease.
GOOD: Some people go blind with the disease.

Usage Note:
go blind (not become ): 'When I couldn't see anything, I thought I'd gone blind.'

BAD: Usually he just keeps a blind eye and lets them carry on.
GOOD: Usually he just turns a blind eye and lets them carry on.

Usage Note:
turn a blind eye (to sth ) = pretend not to notice something: 'The government prefers to turn a blind eye to these activities.'

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See: fly blind

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