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blitz /blɪts/ noun [countable usually singular]

حمله برق اسا ، حمله کمکی به مدافع برای گرفتن گوی از حریف (لاکراس) ، حمله رعد اسا کردن ، ورزش: بازی شطرنج برق اسا
Synonyms: attack, assault, blitzkrieg, bombardment, campaign, offensive, onslaught, raid, strike

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Blitz, the
the time during World War II when German planes dropped many bombs on British cities, especially London:
Sam had rescued three people from a burning house during the Blitz.

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blitz /blɪts/ noun [countable usually singular]
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: blitzkrieg]

1. a sudden military attack, especially from the air
the Blitz (=the bombing of British cities by German aircraft in 1940 and 1941)

2. informal a period of great effort in order to deal with something quickly and completely
blitz on
We’ll have to have a blitz on the house before your parents arrive.

3. a big effort to make people notice something or buy something
a media/marketing/advertising etc blitz
The campaign was launched with a nationwide publicity blitz.
—blitz verb [transitive]:
News came that Rotterdam had been blitzed.

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I. sudden military attack, often by air
ADJ. bombing | wartime
VERB + BLITZ carry out
PREP. during/in a/the ~ Many people died in the London blitz.
~ on Enemy bombers carried out a blitz on the city.

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II. campaign; sudden, great effort
ADJ. marketing, media, sales
VERB + BLITZ have, launch, mount We decided to have a blitz on the kitchen (= to clean the kitchen thoroughly).
PREP. ~ on a blitz on illegal parking

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See: safety blitz

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