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blonde /blɒnd $ blɑːnd/ adjective

بور ، سفیدپوست ، سفیدرو
I. blonde1 S3 /blɒnd $ blɑːnd/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: feminine form of blond; blond]

1. blonde hair is pale or yellow in colour

2. a woman who is blonde has pale or yellow hair

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II. blonde2 noun [countable]
informal a woman with pale or yellow-coloured hair ⇒ brunette:
a beautiful blonde

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ADJ. attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, sexy, stunning | blue-eyed | dumb She's not just a dumb blonde.
natural She was slender and a natural blonde.
bottle | ash, platinum, strawberry a tall, strawberry blonde with stunning legs

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