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bloodless /ˈblʌdləs/ adjective

بی خون ، بدون خونریزی
Synonyms: pale, anemic, pallid, waterish, watery, insensible, anesthetic, dull, hard, impassible, insensate, insensitive, rocky
Antonyms: plethoric, sanguine
Contrasted words: alive, vigorous, florid
Related Words: colorless, lifeless

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bloodless /ˈblʌdləs/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: blood, bleeding; adjective: bloodless, bloody; verb: bleed]

1. without killing or violence:
a bloodless coup

2. a bloodless part of your body is very pale:
His lips were thin and bloodless.

3. lacking in human feeling
—bloodlessly adverb

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