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blow·out , blow-out /ˈbləʊaʊt $ ˈbloʊ-/ noun [countable]

عمران: ترکیدن در اثر فشار
Synonyms: shindig, bash, shindy

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blow·out , blow-out /ˈbləʊaʊt $ ˈbloʊ-/ noun [countable]

1. a sudden bursting of a tyre ⇒ puncture:
I had a blow-out on the driver’s side.

2. [usually singular] informal a big expensive meal or large social occasion:
We went for a real blow-out to celebrate.

3. American English informal an easy victory over someone in a game

4. a sudden uncontrolled escape of oil or gas from a well

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1. An explosion of a tire or a fuse.
Jim's van veered sharply to the right after his car had a blowout.
2. A big party.
After graduation from college, my son and his friends staged a huge blowout.

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