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border /ˈbɔːdə $ ˈbɔːrdər/ noun [countable]

حاشیه دار کردن ، لبه دار کردن ، زه ، کران ، پشته خاکی ، سرحد ، کناره ، خط مرزی ، لبه گذاشتن (به) ، سجاف کردن ، حاشیه گذاشتن ، مجاور بودن ، علوم مهندسی: دوره ، عمران: مرز ، معماری: لبه ، قانون ـ فقه: حریم ، علوم نظامی: حاشیه
کامپیوتر: حاشیه-کناره -لبه کامپیوتر: حاشیه ، لبه

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- frontier, borderline, boundary, line, march
- edge, bounds, brink, limits, margin, rim, verge
- edge, bind, decorate, fringe, hem, rim, trim
Contrasted words: inside, interior, recesses, center, body, bulk, mass, whole
Related Idioms: come close (or near) to
Related Words: butts and bounds, lines, metes and bounds, bound, circumference, confine, end, extremity, limit, termination, boundary, frontier, march, pale, beginning, door, entrance, threshold, sideline, lip, circumscribe, encircle, enclose, frame, contour, delineate, mark (off), outline, set off, flank, line, side, trim, approximate, compare, near
English Thesaurus: border, frontier, line, boundar

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I. border1 S3 W2 /ˈbɔːdə $ ˈbɔːrdər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: bordure, from border 'to border', from bort 'border']

1. the official line that separates two countries, states, or areas, or the area close to this line:
To cross the border, you will need a valid passport.
border between
the border between the US and Mexico
border with
regular patrols along the border with France
on the border
a market town on the border of England and Wales
across the border
He helped them to get across the border.
south/north etc of the border
The coach took us south of the border to Tia Juana.

2. a band along or around the edge of something such as a picture or piece of material:
writing paper with a black border

3. an area of soil where you plant flowers or bushes, along the edge of an area of grass:
a flower and shrub border

4. something that separates one situation, state etc from another:
new scientific discoveries that are stretching the borders of knowledge

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II. border2 verb

1. [I, T] if one country, state, or area borders another, it is next to it and shares a border with it:
countries that border the Mediterranean
border on
The area borders on the Yorkshire Dales.

2. [transitive] to form a border along the edge of something:
a path bordered by a high brick wall
border on something phrasal verb
to be very close to being something extreme:
His confidence bordered on arrogance.

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I. line that divides two countries
ADJ. open | closed | common Poland has a common border with Germany.
VERB + BORDER arrive at, reach, stop at | cross, drive across/over, slip across/over They slipped across the border at nightfall.
escape across/over, flee across/over | form, mark A river forms the border.
draw (up), establish, fix | guard, patrol | open | close, seal
BORDER + NOUN crossing, post | region, town | control, guard, troops | clash, dispute, war | raid | clash, incident, skirmish
PREP. across/over a/the ~ to smuggle goods across the border
along a/the ~ There has been fighting along the border.
at/on a/the ~ We were stopped on the border.
on the ~ of a farm on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
up to the ~ He drove us right up to the Russian border.
~ between/of the border between Austria and Switzerland
~ with the border with Mexico
PHRASES north/south of the border, one side/both sides of the border There has been fighting on both sides of the border.

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II. decorative band/strip round the edge of sth
ADJ. wide | narrow | decorative
VERB + BORDER have The tablecloth has a narrow lace border.
PREP. with a/the ~ a white handkerchief with a blue border
~ around/round She drew a decorative border around the picture.

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cross the border
The army crossed the border and advanced on Warsaw.
flee/escape across the border
Over 100,000 civilians fled across the border.
form the border
The river forms the border between the two countries.
close the border (=prevent people from crossing)
The government moved quickly to close the border.
open the border (=start allowing people to cross)
After fifty years the border was finally opened.
straddle the border (=cover land on both sides of it)
This small village straddles the border between the West Bank and Jerusalem.
the Welsh/Mexican etc border
I had reached the Swiss border.
the southern/eastern etc border
They renewed their attacks on Ethiopia’s northern border.
the Austro-Hungarian/Hong Kong–China etc border
The village is on the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border.
a common border (=that countries share)
India and Pakistan each withdrew troops from their common border.
a border dispute (=a disagreement about where the border should be)
a long-running border dispute between Iraq and Iran
a border town
the Chinese border town of Shenzhen
a border area/region
The Afghan border area is open and wild.
a border crossing (=a place where you cross a border)
There are problems of delays at border crossings.
a border guard
the North Korean border guards
border controls (=controls on who crosses a border)
Hungary tightened its border controls.
this/the other side of the border
Her friend lives on the other side of the border.

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