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botch /bɒtʃ $ bɑːtʃ/ (also botch up) verb [transitive]

سنبل کردن ، خراب کردن ، از شکل انداختن ، وصله وپینه بدنما ، کارسرهم بندی ، ورم
- spoil, blunder, bungle, cock up (Brit. slang), make a pig's ear of (informal), mar, mess up, screw up (informal)
- mess, blunder, bungle, cock-up (Brit. slang), failure, hash, pig's ear (informal)
Related Idioms: drop a clanger, play (or wreak) havoc with, play hell with, pull a boner (or rock)
Related Words: butcher, mangle, murder, mutilate, mar, ruin, spoil, destroy, wreck, hash, tinker, misconduct, mishandle, mismanage, confuse, disorder

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I. botch1 /bɒtʃ $ bɑːtʃ/ (also botch up) verb [transitive]
informal to do something badly, because you have been careless or because you do not have the skill to do it properly:
The builders really botched up our patio.
a botched investigation

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II. botch2 (also ˈbotch-up British English) noun [countable] especially British English informal
a piece of work, a job etc that has been badly or carelessly done:
I’ve just made an awful botch of my translation.
The whole thing was a botch job.

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