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bottle /ˈbɒtl $ ˈbɑːtl/ noun

شیشه ، محتوی یک بطری ، دربطری ریختن ، شیمی: بطری
I. bottle1 S1 W2 /ˈbɒtl $ ˈbɑːtl/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: bouteille, from Medieval Latin butticula, from Late Latin buttis 'wooden container for liquid']

1. [countable] a container with a narrow top for keeping liquids in, usually made of plastic or glass:
an empty bottle
a wine/milk/beer etc bottle
bottle of
a bottle of champagne

2. [countable] (also bottleful) the amount of liquid that a bottle contains:
Between us, we drank three bottles of wine.

3. [countable] a container for babies to drink from, with a rubber part on top that they suck, or the milk contained in this bottle:
My first baby just wouldn’t take a bottle at all.

4. the bottle alcoholic drink – used when talking about the problems drinking can cause:
Peter let the bottle ruin his life.
hit the bottle (=regularly drink too much)
She was under a lot of stress, and started hitting the bottle.
be on the bottle British English (=be drinking a lot of alcohol regularly)

5. [uncountable] British English informal courage to do something that is dangerous or unpleasant Synonym : nerve:
I never thought she’d have the bottle to do it!

6. bring a bottle British English, bring your own bottle American English used when you invite someone to an informal party, to tell them that they should bring their own bottle of alcoholic drink
hot-water bottle

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II. bottle2 verb [transitive]

1. to put a liquid, especially wine or beer, into a bottle after you have made it:
The whisky is bottled here before being sent abroad.

2. British English to put vegetables or fruit into special glass containers in order to preserve them Synonym : can American English
bottle out (also bottle it) phrasal verb
British English informal to suddenly decide not to do something because you are frightened Synonym : cop out:
‘Did you tell him?’ ‘No, I bottled out at the last minute.’
bottle something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. to deliberately not allow yourself to show a strong feeling or emotion:
It is far better to cry than to bottle up your feelings.

2. to cause problems by delaying something:
The bill has been bottled up in Congress.

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ADJ. full | empty | recyclable, returnable | beer, medicine, milk, etc. | hot-water | feeding
VERB + BOTTLE fill She filled the bottle with water.
empty | break/crack open (only used about alcoholic drinks), open, uncork Let's crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
drink, have, wash sth down with We washed the stew down with a bottle of cheap red wine.
share | bring (= to bring a bottle of alcoholic drink to a party)
BOTTLE + NOUN top | opener | bank | feeding
PREP. over a/the ~ We discussed the problem over a bottle of wine.
~ of
PHRASES be on the bottle (= to be an alcoholic), hit the bottle/take to the bottle (= to start drinking alcohol heavily)

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