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boy /bɔɪ/ noun [countable]

پسر بچه ، پسر ، خانه شاگرد ، ورزش: سوارکار مسابقه اسبدوانی
Synonyms: lad, fellow, junior, schoolboy, stripling, youngster, youth
Related Idioms: little shaver, small fry
Related Words: gamin, ragamuffin, street arab, urchin, hobbledehoy, whippersnapper, schoolboy
English Thesaurus: man, guy, gentleman, boy, lad, ...

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I. boy1 S1 W1 /bɔɪ/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Perhaps from Frisian boi 'boy']

1. a male child, or a male person in general ⇒ girl:
The boys wanted to play football.
boys and girls aged 11–18
a teenage/adolescent boy
A group of teenage boys stood talking in a group outside.
bad/naughty boy
‘You naughty boy!’ she said in a harsh voice.
What a polite little boy (=young male child) you are.
Come on, Timmy, act like a big boy (=an older boy) now.

2. a son:
I love my boys, but I’d like to have a girl, too.
How old is your little boy (=young son)?

3. office/paper/delivery etc boy a young man who does a particular job

4. city/local/country boy informal a man of any age who is typical of people from a particular place, or who feels a strong connection with the place he grew up in:
The classic story of a local boy who’s made good (=who has succeeded).
I’m just a country boy.

5. the boys [plural] informal a group of men who are friends and often go out together:
Friday is his night out with the boys.
He considers himself just one of the boys (=not anyone special, but liked by other men).

6. a way of talking to a male horse or dog:
Good boy!

7. boys [plural] informal
a) a group of men who do the same job:
Oh no! Wait until the press boys get hold of this story.
b) men in the army, navy etc, especially those who are fighting in a war:
our boys on the front lines

8. boys will be boys used to say that you should not be surprised when boys or men behave badly, are noisy etc

9. the boys in blue informal the police

10. old boy/my dear boy British English old-fashioned a friendly way for one man to speak to another man

11. American English not polite an offensive way of talking to a black man
blue-eyed boy, ⇒ jobs for the boys at job(15), ⇒ MAMA’S BOY, MUMMY’S BOY, old boy, wide boy

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II. boy2 interjection American English informal

1. used when you are excited or pleased about something:
Boy, that was a great meal!

2. oh boy! used when you are slightly annoyed or disappointed about something:
Oh boy! Bethany’s sick again.

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ADJ. big Your boy is quite big for his age. Don't cry?you're a big boy now.
little, small A little boy rode by on a tricycle. Their boy is small for his age.
young Our youngest boy is just starting school.
elder, eldest, older How old is your eldest boy?
baby | adolescent, teenage | good Eat up your greens?there's a good boy.
naughty | bright, clever
VERB + BOY have They've had a baby boy. I've got three boys.

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