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boyfriend /ˈbɔɪfrend/ noun [countable]

دوست پسر ، رفیق
Synonyms: sweetheart, admirer, beau, date, lover, man, suitor
Related Words: admirer, crush, heartthrob, fiancé
English Thesaurus: boyfriend, partner, fiancé, lover, ex, ...

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boyfriend S3 /ˈbɔɪfrend/ noun [countable]
a man that you are having a romantic relationship with ⇒ girlfriend

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ADJ. current, latest, new | ex-, former, old | long-standing, long-term, serious, steady | live-in | jealous | jilted She was stalked by a jilted ex-boyfriend.
QUANT. string, succession She had a string of wealthy boyfriends before she finally married.
VERB + BOYFRIEND have Have you got a boyfriend?
meet | live with | sleep with | marry
BOYFRIEND + NOUN trouble She's unhappy because she's been having boyfriend trouble.

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n., informal
1. A male friend or companion.
"John and his boyfriends have gone to the ball game," said his mother.
2. A girl's steady date, a woman's favorite man friend; a male lover or sweetheart.
Jane's new boyfriend is a senior in high school.

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