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Brand, Jo /dʒəʊ/
Brand, Rus·sell /brænd, ˈrʌsəl/
brand /brænd/ noun [countable]

علامت تجارتی، برچسب، داغ ودرفش، انگ، نیمسوز، اتشپاره، جور، جنس، نوع، مارک، علامت، رقم، (مج). لکه بدنامی، (درشعر) داغ کردن، داغ زدن، (مج). خاطرنشان کردن، لکه دار کردن، بازرگانی: عنوان تجارتی، علامت تجاری
ارسال ایمیل
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: علامت تجاری، مارک

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- label, emblem, hallmark, logo, mark, marker, sign, stamp, symbol, trademark
- kind, cast, class, grade, make, quality, sort, species, type, variety
- mark, burn, burn in, label, scar, stamp
- stigmatize, censure, denounce, discredit, disgrace, expose, mark
English Thesaurus: brand, make, model, produce, create, ...

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I. Brand, Jo /dʒəʊ/
(1958–) a British comedian, known for her jokes about men, sex, and being fat but not caring about it

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II. Brand, Rus·sell /brænd, ˈrʌsəl/
(1975-) a British comedian, actor, and writer who presents radio and television programmes. Brand is known for his bohemian appearance. He wears black clothes and has long shaggy hair. He used to have drug and alcohol problems, but is now patron for a charity organization which helps people with addictions. He often performs as a stand-up comedian, and has presented TV programmes such as Big Brother’s Big Mouth, 1 Leicester Square, and Russell Brand’s Got Issues. His autobiography My Booky Wook was published in 2007.

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I. brand1 /brænd/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: 'torch, sword']

1. a type of product made by a particular company, that has a particular name or design ⇒ make
brand of
What brand of detergent do you use?
brand leader/leading brand (=the brand that sells the most)
products which lack a strong brand image
brand loyalty (=the tendency to always buy a particular brand)
own brand British English store brand American English (=a product made and sold by a particular store)

2. brand of humour/politics/religion etc a particular type of humour, politics, religion etc:
a strange macabre brand of humour

3. a mark made or burned on a farm animal’s skin that shows who it belongs to

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II. brand2 verb [transitive]

1. to describe someone or something as a very bad type of person or thing, often unfairly
brand somebody (as) something
You can’t brand all football supporters as hooligans.
Stealing that money has branded Jim for life – no one will trust him again.

2. to burn a mark onto something, especially a farm animal, in order to show who it belongs to
brand something with something
Each cow was branded with the ranch’s logo.

3. technical to give a name to a product or group of products so that they can be easily recognized by their name or design

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I. type of product made by a particular manufacturer
ADJ. leading, major, principal, top the world's leading brand of whisky
famous, favourite, popular, well-known | own (= goods marked with the name of a particular shop instead of that of the manufacturer) Supermarkets make a lot of profit on their own brand products.
BRAND + NOUN identity, image, name The company owes its success to brand image.
leader | loyalty
PREP. ~ of a well-known brand of toothpaste

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II. particular type of sth
ADJ. particular, special, unique His designs have a unique brand of stylishness.
~ of his particular brand of humour

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a leading brand
a leading brand such as Toshiba
a top brand
Kids want to have Nike and Reebok and other top brands.
a popular brand
It’s the most popular brand of tequila in Mexico.
an own brand British English, a store brand American English (=sold by a particular store under its own name)
A supermarket’s own brand should cost less than the nationally advertised brands.
the brand leader (=the brand that sells the most)
Schwartz is the brand leader for herbs and spices in the UK.
a brand name
The use of tobacco brand names in sponsoring sports has been banned.
a brand image (=the way a product or organization seems to the public)
A company carefully protects its brand image.
brand loyalty (=the tendency to always buy a particular brand)
Advertising is used to sell a product and create brand loyalty.

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