break up
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break up
- separate, dissolve, divide, divorce, part, scatter, sever, split
- stop, adjourn, disband, dismantle, end, suspend, terminate
English Thesaurus: separate, divide, split, break something up, segregate, ...

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break up phrasal verb (see also break)

1. if something breaks up, or if you break it up, it breaks into a lot of small pieces:
It seems that the plane just broke up in the air.
break something ↔ up
Use a fork to break up the soil.

2. break something ↔ up to separate something into several smaller parts:
There are plans to break the company up into several smaller independent companies.
You need a few trees and bushes to break up the lawn.

3. break something ↔ up to stop a fight:
Three policemen were needed to break up the fight.

4. break something ↔ up to make people leave a place where they have been meeting or protesting:
Government soldiers broke up the demonstration.
Police moved in to break up the meeting.

5. if a marriage, group of people, or relationship breaks up, the people in it separate and do not live or work together any more:
He lost his job and his marriage broke up.
The couple broke up last year.
Many bands break up because of personality clashes between the musicians.
break up with
Has Sam really broken up with Lucy?breakup

6. if a meeting or party breaks up, people start to leave:
The party didn’t break up until after midnight.
The meeting broke up without any agreement.

7. British English when a school breaks up, it closes for a holiday:
School breaks up next week.
break up for
When do you break up for Easter?

8. break somebody up American English informal to make someone laugh by saying or doing something funny:
He breaks me up!

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break up
break (someone) up
to make someone laugh or cry.
He was the kind of comedian who broke up an audience with perfect accents and extremely funny impressions.

Both of their parents died in that car crash, and it breaks me up just to think about it.

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break up
1. end a relationship
They broke up after dating for more than three years.

2. to separate, to divide into groups or pieces, to put an end to something
Nobody wanted to break up their groups.

We usually break up into small groups during our class.

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break up
v. phr. To end a romantic relationship, a marriage, or a business partnership.
Tom and Jane broke up because Tom played so much golf that he had no time for her.

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break up
n. The end of a relationship, personal or commercial.
The break-up finally occurred when Smith and Brown decided to sue each other for embezzlement.

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