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breakdown /ˈbreɪkdaʊn/ noun

خرابی ، تفکیک ، از کار افتادگی ، معماری: ته نشینی مواد معلق در دوغاب ، علوم هوایی: جدایی ، علوم دریایی: از کار افتادگی

: breakdown (in a gas )

الکترونیک: جرقه زنی
مهندسی صنایع: شکست ، تفکیک ، تقسیم بندی مهندسی صنایع: تولید: تفکیک
نت: از کارافتادگی الکترونیک: جرقه زنی [الکترونیک] پزشکی: فروریزش ، سیاهه

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Synonyms: collapse, disintegration, disruption, failure, mishap, stoppage

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breakdown /ˈbreɪkdaʊn/ noun

1. [uncountable and countable] the failure of a relationship or system
breakdown of
He moved away after the breakdown of his marriage.
A sudden rise in oil prices could lead to a breakdown of the economy.
breakdown in
There has been a serious breakdown in relations between the two countries.
marriage/marital/family breakdown
Family breakdown can lead to behavioural problems in children.

2. [countable] a serious medical condition in which someone becomes mentally ill and is unable to work or deal with ordinary situations in life:
I was worried he might have a breakdown if he carried on working so hard.
Two years ago he suffered a mental breakdown.
She had already had one nervous breakdown.

3. [countable] an occasion when a car or a piece of machinery breaks and stops working:
Always carry a phone with you in case you have a breakdown on the motorway.
breakdown in
a breakdown in the cooling system

4. [countable] a list of all the separate parts of something
breakdown of
Can you give us a breakdown of the figures?

5. [singular] the changing of a substance into other substances:
the breakdown of glucose in the body to release energybreak down at break1

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I. mechanical failure
ADJ. electrical, mechanical
BREAKDOWN + NOUN organization, service The national breakdown organizations are on hand to help motorists 24 hours a day.
crane, lorry, vehicle

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II. failure/end of sth
ADJ. serious | complete, irretrievable The only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
communication, family, marital, marriage, relationship
VERB + BREAKDOWN cause, lead to
PREP. ~ in/of a breakdown in negotiations

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III. collapse of mental health
ADJ. emotional, mental, nervous, psychological
VERB + BREAKDOWN have, suffer

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IV. list of the details of sth
ADJ. detailed, full | cost
VERB + BREAKDOWN prepare I have prepared a detailed cost breakdown for the project.
give sb, provide (sb with)
PREP. ~ by, ~ of Please provide us with a breakdown of expenditure by department.

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marriage/marital breakdown
problems caused by the increase in marital breakdown
family breakdown
A growing proportion of children are affected by family breakdown.
communication breakdown (=when people do not talk or are unable to talk)
The misunderstanding was the result of a communication breakdown.
complete/total breakdown
The disagreement finally led to a complete breakdown of their relationship.
irretrievable breakdown formal (=one that is impossible to put right again)
The irretrievable breakdown of a marriage may be grounds for divorce.
cause/lead to a breakdown
Money problems often cause marriage breakdown.

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