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bright /braɪt/ adjective (comparative brighter, superlative brightest)

براق ، تابناک ، روشن ، درخشان ، تابان ، افتابی ، زرنگ ، باهوش ، علوم مهندسی: بدون روکش ، روانشناسی: تیزهوش
- shining, brilliant, dazzling, gleaming, glowing, luminous, lustrous, radiant, shimmering, vivid
- intelligent, astute, aware, clever, inventive, quick-witted, sharp, smart, wide-awake
- sunny, clear, cloudless, fair, limpid, lucid, pleasant, translucent, transparent, unclouded
Antonyms: dim, dull, dense
Contrasted words: dark, dusky, gloomy, murky, tenebrous, colorless, drab, dreary, lackluster, leaden, somber, cloudy, gray, overcast, shadowy, moonless, starless, sunless, faint, pale, weak, retarded
Related Words: clear, light, undimmed, illuminated, lighted, coruscating, flashing, gleaming, glistening, glittering, scintillating, shimmering, sparkling, blazing, flaming, glowing, burnished, polished, shiny, sunshiny, advanced, precocious
English Thesaurus: bright, strong, brilliant, dazzling, blinding, ...

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bright S2 W2 /braɪt/ adjective (comparative brighter, superlative brightest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: beorht]

1. LIGHT shining strongly, or with plenty of light:
Her eyes were hurting from the bright lights.
bright sunshine
a large bright room

2. SUNNY if the weather is bright, the sun is shining and there is a lot of light Antonym : dull:
The weather was bright and sunny.
a bright autumn day

3. INTELLIGENT intelligent and able to learn things quickly:
He was an exceptionally bright child.
a bright ambitious young man

4. a bright idea a very good idea – sometimes used ironically (IRONIC):
Whose bright idea was this?
He is constantly coming up with bright ideas for making money.

5. COLOURS bright colours are strong and easy to see:
a bright red jumper
I never wear bright colours.

6. CHEERFUL happy and full of energy:
Her voice was bright and cheerful.
She gave him a bright smile.
He looked up at me with bright eyes.

7. SUCCESSFUL if the future looks bright, you think that something will be successful Synonym : promising:
The school’s future now looks very bright.
I’m sure the company has a bright future now.

8. as bright as a button very intelligent and full of energy

9. look on the bright side to see the good points in a situation that seems to be bad:
Come on, try to look on the bright side.

10. bright and early very early in the morning:
He was up bright and early, keen to get started.

11. bright spark informal someone who says or does something that they think is intelligent but is really wrong or stupid:
Some bright spark thought the building was on fire and called the fire brigade.

12. bright and breezy happy and confident

13. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed happy and full of energy

14. the bright lights the interesting exciting life in a big city:
She missed the bright lights of London.

15. bright spot an event or a period of time that is more pleasant when everything else is unpleasant:
The only bright spot of the weekend was our trip to the theatre.
—brightly adverb:
The sun shone brightly.
brightly coloured clothes
She smiled brightly.
—brightness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, look, seem The factory's future now looks quite bright.
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, incredibly, intensely, really, surprisingly, unusually, very a really bright child
fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably The morning was quite bright, but it clouded over in the afternoon.
unnaturally Her eyes were unnaturally bright.

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