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brighten /ˈbraɪtn/ verb

روشن کردن ، زرنگ کردن ، درخشان شدن
Synonyms: make brighter, gleam, glow, illuminate, lighten, light up, shine

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brighten /ˈbraɪtn/ verb

1. MAKE LIGHTER [transitive] (also brighten something ↔ up) to make something lighter or brighter:
Use blonde highlights to brighten your hair.
The morning sunshine brightened up the room.

2. MAKE MORE ATTRACTIVE [transitive] (also brighten something ↔ up) to make something more colourful or attractive:
She bought some flowers to brighten the room.
I want to brighten the place up a bit.

3. MAKE MORE ENJOYABLE [transitive] (also brighten something ↔ up) to make something more enjoyable, exciting, or interesting:
His letter brightened my day.
I felt I needed something to brighten up my life.

4. BECOME LIGHTER/BRIGHTER [intransitive] to shine more strongly, or become brighter in colour:
The stage lights brightened to reveal a street scene.

5. BECOME SUNNY [intransitive] (also brighten up) if the weather brightens, the sun begins to shine and it becomes lighter:
The sky brightened after lunch.
Let’s hope the weather brightens up later.
It brightened up a bit in the afternoon.

6. BECOME HAPPY [intransitive] (also brighten up) to become happier or more excited:
His eyes brightened when we started talking about money.
She brightened up a bit when she saw us.

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ADV. considerably | a bit, a little | visibly Their rather heavy faces brightened visibly.
suddenly | up She brightened up a bit at the thought of the holiday.

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