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brilliance /ˈbrɪljəns/ noun [uncountable]

تابش ، درخشندگی ، برق ، زیرکی ، استعداد ، روانشناسی: درخشندگی
- brightness, dazzle, intensity, luminosity, lustre, radiance, sparkle, vividness
- talent, cleverness, distinction, excellence, genius, greatness, inventiveness, wisdom
- splendour, éclat, glamour, grandeur, illustriousness, magnificence

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brilliance /ˈbrɪljəns/ noun [uncountable]

1. a very high level of intelligence or skill:
He is also respected for his brilliance as an artist.

2. very great brightness:
The stars glittered with the brilliance of jewels.

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ADJ. great, sheer | academic, intellectual, technical
QUANT. flash There were flashes of brilliance from several of the players.
PREP. with ~ He played with great brilliance.

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