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brisk /brɪsk/ adjective

سرزنده وبشاش ، تند ، چابک ، باروح ، رایج ، چست ، تیز ، اراسته ، پاکیزه
Synonyms: lively, active, bustling, busy, energetic, quick, sprightly, spry, vigorous
Antonyms: sluggish
Contrasted words: inactive, torpid
Related Words: adroit, quick
English Thesaurus: fast, quick, high-speed, rapid, swift, ...

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brisk /brɪsk/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from French brusque; brusque]

1. quick and full of energy:
a brisk walk
They set off at a brisk pace.

2. quick, practical, and showing that you want to get things done quickly:
Her tone of voice is brisk.

3. trade or business that is brisk is very busy, with a lot of products being sold:
The public bar was already doing a brisk trade.

4. weather that is brisk is cold and clear
—briskly adverb:
They walked briskly.
—briskness noun [uncountable]

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