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bubble /ˈbʌbəl/ noun [countable]

جوشیدن ، قلقل زدن ، حباب براوردن ، (مج). خروشیدن ، جوشاندن ، گفتن ، بیان کردن ، حباب ، ابسوار ، (مج). اندیشه پوچ ، شیمی: جوشیدن
مهندسی صنایع: حباب کامپیوتر: حباب

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- air ball, bead, blister, blob, drop, droplet, globule
- foam, boil, effervesce, fizz, froth, percolate, seethe, sparkle
- gurgle, babble, burble, murmur, ripple, trickle

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I. bubble1 /ˈbʌbəl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from the sound of bubbles in liquid]

1. a ball of air or gas in liquid:
When water boils, bubbles rise to the surface.
soap bubbles
She was blowing bubbles in her milk with a straw.

2. a small amount of air trapped in a solid substance:
Examine the glass carefully for bubbles.

3. a bubble of something literary a small amount of a feeling:
A bubble of anger rose in Pol’s throat.

4. (also speech bubble) a circle around the words said by someone in a cartoon

5. the bubble bursts used for saying that a very successful or happy period of time suddenly ends:
The bubble has finally burst in the mobile phone industry.

6. burst/prick sb’s bubble to make someone suddenly realize that something is not as good as they thought it was

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II. bubble2 verb [intransitive]

1. to produce bubbles:
Heat the cheese until it bubbles.
bubble up
The cola bubbled up when I unscrewed the lid.

2. to make the sound that water makes when it boils
bubble away
The water was bubbling away on the stove.

3. (also bubble over) to be excited
bubble with
Mary was bubbling over with excitement.

4. (also bubble away/up) if a feeling or activity bubbles, it continues to exist:
Resentment was still bubbling inside her.
Speculation that he plans to resign has been bubbling away for months.

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ADJ. air, soap
VERB + BUBBLE blow children blowing bubbles
burst They jumped about, bursting the bubbles.
BUBBLE + VERB form Soap bubbles formed on the surface.

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I. form bubbles
ADV. furiously The water in the saucepan was bubbling furiously.
away, up The soup was bubbling away on the stove.

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II. feeling
ADV. to the surface Emotions quickly bubble to the surface.
over, up He was bubbling over with excitement.
PREP. inside She could feel the anger bubbling up inside her.
with The business was still small but I was bubbling with ideas.

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