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buck /bʌk/ noun [countable]

گوزن نر ، دولا دولا رفتن سواره نظام ، درو کردن (سوار نظام) ، جنس نر اهو وحیوانات دیگر ، (امر) قوچ ، دلار ، بالا پریدن وقوز کردن (چون اسب) ، ازروی خرک پریدن ، مخالفت کردن با (دربازی فوتبال وغیره) ، جفتک انداختن ، علوم نظامی: درو کردن
Synonyms: man, bloke, boy, chap, fellow, gee, gent, gentleman, guy, he, fop, Beau Brummel, blood, coxcomb, dandy, dude, exquisite, lounge lizard, macaroni, petit-maître, dollar, bill, bone, fish, frogskin, iron man, one, skin, smacker, smackeroo, sawhorse, horse, sawbuck, trestle, workhorse
Synonyms: resist, combat, contest, dispute, duel, fight, oppose, repel, traverse, withstand, carry, bear, convey, ferry, hump, jag, lug, pack, tote, transport, pass, hand, reach, shoot
Synonyms: pulverize, bray, comminute, contriturate, crush, powder, triturate

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Buck, Pearl S.
(1892–1973) a US writer who lived for many years in China until 1931 and wrote several novels about that country. She won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938.

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I. buck1 S1 /bʌk/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1,4: Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Perhaps from buckskin; because it was used as a unit of exchange in trade with Native Americans. ]
[Sense 2: Date: 1900-2000; Origin: buck 'object used in the card game of poker to mark the next person to play' (19-20 centuries), from buckhorn knife 'knife with a handle made from a buck's horn' (19-20 centuries). ]
[Sense 3, 5: Language: Old English; Origin: bucca 'male deer or goat']

1. DOLLAR informal a US, Canadian, or Australian dollar:
He owes me ten bucks.
The movie is about a group of men trying to make a buck (=earn some money) as male strippers.
big/mega bucks (=a lot of money)
Using celebrities in advertising is guaranteed to pull in big bucks.
make a fast/quick buck (=make some money quickly, often dishonestly)

2. the buck stops here (also the buck stops with somebody) used to say that a particular person is responsible for something:
The buck stops firmly with the boss.

3. pass the buck to make someone else responsible for something that you should deal with

4. feel/look like a million bucks especially American English informal to feel or look very healthy, happy, and beautiful

5. ANIMAL (plural buck or bucks) a male rabbit, deer, and some other male animals ⇒ doe

6. MAN old-fashioned a young man ⇒ (get) a bigger/better etc bang for your buck at bang1(5)

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II. buck2 verb

1. HORSE [intransitive] if a horse bucks, it kicks its back feet into the air, or jumps with all four feet off the ground

2. MOVE SUDDENLY [intransitive] to suddenly move up and down, or backwards and forwards, in an uncontrolled way:
The plane bucked sharply.

3. OPPOSE [transitive] to oppose something in a direct way:
He was a rebel who bucked the system (=opposed rules or authority).
Unemployment in the area has bucked the trend by falling over the last month.
buck against
Initially, he had bucked against her restraints.

4. MAKE SOMEBODY HAPPIER [transitive] to make someone feel more happy, confident, or healthy:
He was bucked by the success he’d had.
She gave me a tonic which bucked me a little.
buck for something phrasal verb
to try very hard to get something, especially a good position at work:
He’s bucking for promotion.
buck up phrasal verb

1. to become happier, or to make someone happier:
Come on, buck up, things aren’t that bad!
buck somebody ↔ up
You need something to buck you up.

2. buck up! British English old-fashioned used to tell someone to hurry up:
Buck up, John! We’ll be late.

3. informal to improve, or to make something improve:
It’ll be a long time before the situation starts to buck up.
buck something ↔ up
a company that is looking to buck up its networking capabilities

4. buck your ideas up British English informal used to tell someone to improve their behaviour or attitude

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III. buck3 adverb American English
buck naked not wearing any clothes

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See: fast buck or quick buck , pass the buck

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