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budget /ˈbʌdʒət, ˈbʌdʒɪt/ noun [countable]
budget adjective [only before noun]

بودجه ، حساب درامد وخرج ، قانون ـ فقه: بودجه ، بازرگانی: بودجه ، علوم نظامی: اعتبار
مهندسی صنایع: بودجه مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: بودجه
نیروی انسانی: بودجه
مالی: بودجه

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- allowance, allocation, cost, finances, funds, means, resources
- plan, allocate, apportion, cost, estimate, ration
English Thesaurus: cheap, low, inexpensive, reasonable, economical, ...

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Budget, the
in the UK, a plan for how the government will collect all the money it needs, which is announced each year by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (=the minister in charge of financial matters). The Chancellor is always shown going to Parliament carrying a special red case that contains the Budget speech. The speech is broadcast on television and radio, and most people take an interest in the effects of the Budget on taxes and on the price of things like petrol, alcohol, and cigarettes.

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I. budget1 S1 W2 /ˈbʌdʒət, ˈbʌdʒɪt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: bougette 'small leather bag', from bouge 'leather bag', from Latin bulga; from the idea of bringing your spending plan out of its bag]

1. the money that is available to an organization or person, or a plan of how it will be spent
budget of
a welfare program with a budget of $2 million
budget for
The budget for photography has been cut.
We had a really tight budget.
on/within budget (=not using more money than planned)
The project was completed within budget.
under budget (=using less money than planned)
If you come in under budget, everyone will be very impressed.
over budget (=using more money than planned)
Feature movies always run over budget.

2. on a budget if you are on a budget, you do not have much money to spend:
Travellers on a budget might prefer to camp.
a book which offers great ideas for decorating on a budget
families on a tight budget

3. (also Budget) British English an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what taxes will be necessary

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II. budget2 verb [intransitive and transitive]

1. to carefully plan and control how much money you spend and what you will buy with it:
We’ll have to budget more carefully.
This scheme enables you to budget the cost through fixed monthly payments.
budget for
We’ve budgeted for a new car next year.

2. if you budget something such as time, you decide how much of it you will need
—budgeting noun [uncountable]

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III. budget3 adjective [only before noun]

1. very low in price – often used in advertisements Synonym : cheap:
budget flights

2. low-budget/big-budget used for saying how much money has been spent on doing something, especially making a film:
low-budget movies

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ADJ. fixed, limited, low, shoestring, small, tight | generous, large | annual, monthly, weekly, yearly | family, personal | federal, government, municipal, national, state | defence, education, health, housing, military, social security, (social) welfare | advertising, marketing, training | draft
VERB + BUDGET get, have The organization has a large annual budget.
allocate, draw up, plan, set The council has to draw up its budget for next year.
present, propose, submit | approve | balance The school has a struggle to balance its budget.
adhere to, keep to, stick to Work out a weekly budget and stick to it.
exceed, go over, overspend | cut, reduce, slash | increase
BUDGET + NOUN expenditure | deficit, surplus | constraint, limit | cuts | plans, proposals | allocation | Budget Day (= when the government announces its budget)
PREP. in the ~ Is there any money left in the budget?
below/under ~ Costs have been held below budget.
on (a) ~ All his projects are on time and on budget. This hotel caters for people travelling on a tight budget.
over ~ The project is now well over budget.
within ~ to keep within budget
~ for The budget for next year has not yet been set.
~ of a budget of $5,000

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ADV. carefully, sensibly If we budget carefully we should be able to afford a holiday this year.
PREP. for We have budgeted £10,000 for advertising.

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an annual/monthly/weekly budget
The organization has an annual budget of $24 million.
the national/federal/state budget
He has a plan to balance the federal budget.
the defence/education etc budget
We had to make cuts in the defence budget.
the family/household budget
Often the husband and wife contribute equally to the family budget.
a big/large budget
The club does not have a large budget for new players.
a small/low/limited budget
It was a project with a low budget.
a tight budget (=small and limited)
Most young people have to live within a tight budget.
a fixed budget
Our clients usually have a fixed budget.
a shoestring budget (=a very small budget)
The film had been made on a shoestring budget.
a total budget
The National Institute of Health had a total budget of $11. 3 billion.
an overall budget (=total)
There has been an increase in the overall budget made available by the Government for training.
have a budget
Hospital caterers have a budget of about £20 per person per week.
overspend your budget
The Metropolitan Police has overspent its budget by £70 million.
keep within a budget (=spend only the money that is available)
Further cuts are needed in order to keep within the budget.
balance the budget (=spend only the money that is available)
the importance of balancing the budget and cutting taxes
a budget deficit (=when a government has spent more money than it has)
The country has a budget deficit of over $4 billion.
a budget surplus (=when a government has more money than it spends )
A huge budget surplus of over £16 billion was recorded.
budget cuts (=reductions in the amount of money that is available)
The department has suffered severe budget cuts.

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