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burden /ˈbɜːdn $ ˈbɜːrdn/ noun

مخلوط کردن بار ، هزینه عمومی ، وزن ، گنجایش ، طفل در رحم ، بارمسئولیت ، بارکردن ، تحمیل کردن ، سنگین بار کردن ، علوم مهندسی: بار کردن به اندازه ظرفیت ، قانون ـ فقه: بار ، بازرگانی: هزینه سربار
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: بار - وزن

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- load, encumbrance, weight
- trouble, affliction, millstone, onus, responsibility, strain, weight, worry
- weigh down, bother, handicap, load, oppress, saddle with, tax, worry
Antonyms: unburden
Contrasted words: alleviate, ease, lighten, relieve, unload, disburden, disencumber
Related Idioms: bear down on (or upon)
Related Words: overburden, overload, overweigh, handicap, afflict, oppress

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I. burden1 /ˈbɜːdn $ ˈbɜːrdn/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: byrthen]

1. [countable] something difficult or worrying that you are responsible for:
His family responsibilities had started to become a burden.
burden of
The burden of taxation has risen considerably.
burden on
I don’t like being a burden on other people.
bear/carry the burden
If things go wrong he will bear the burden of guilt.
the tax/financial/debt burden

2. the burden of proof law the duty to prove that something is true

3. [countable] something that is carried Synonym : load
beast of burden

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II. burden2 verb

1. be burdened with/by something to have a lot of problems because of a particular thing:
a company burdened with debtunburden

2. be burdened with something to be carrying something heavy

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I. responsibility/worry
ADJ. great, heavy, onerous | crippling, intolerable | administrative, economic, financial, tax
VERB + BURDEN bear, carry The manager carries the greatest burden of responsibility.
assume, shoulder, take on She had to shoulder the burden of childcare.
impose, place His illness placed an intolerable burden on his family.
increase | ease, lighten, reduce, relieve | lift, remove The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.
shift plans to shift the burden of taxation onto larger companies
share I need to share my burden with someone.
BURDEN + VERB fall on sb/sth The economic burden falls mainly on businesses.
PREP. ~ for a burden for the whole family
~ of the burden of high taxation
~ on/upon easing the financial burden on families
~ to She felt she was a burden to her parents.
PHRASES the burden of proof (law) (= the responsibility of proving that sth is true) The burden of proof falls on the prosecution: the accused is presumed innocent until proved guilty.
have a burden on your shoulders He has the burden of a large family on his shoulders.
lift a burden from sb's shoulders

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II. heavy load
VERB + BURDEN carry The women carried their burdens on their backs.
pick up | lay down, put down
PHRASES a beast of burden (= an animal used to do heavy work such as pulling or carrying things)

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bear/carry/shoulder the burden (=be responsible for something)
At the age of 16, Suzy bore the burden of providing for her family.
place/put a burden on somebody
This situation places the main burden of family care on women.
share the burden
I was glad my brother was there to share the burden.
ease/reduce/lighten the burden
Smaller classes would ease the burden for teachers.
shift the burden (=change who carries it)
The tax shifts the burden towards the rich.
a burden falls on somebody
The tax burden falls most heavily upon the poorest people.
lift the burden from somebody's shoulders
If I deal with the all the practical problems, that will lift the burden from your shoulders.
a heavy/great burden
Caring for elderly relatives can be a heavy burden.
a financial burden
the financial burden of a large mortgage
a tax burden
These changes will ease the tax burden for small businesses.
a debt burden
He made a serious attempt ease the country's debt burden.
an intolerable burden (=very hard to bear)
Too many exams can place an intolerable burden on young people.
an unfair/undue burden
The new legislation put an unfair burden on employers.
the burden of responsibility
He felt unable to cope with the burden of responsibility.
the burden of taxation
The burden of taxation falls more heavily on the poor.

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