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busy /ˈbɪzi/ adjective (comparative busier, superlative busiest)

اشغال ، دست بکار ، شلوغ ، مشغول کردن
- occupied, active, employed, engaged, hard at work, industrious, on duty, rushed off one's feet, working
- lively, energetic, exacting, full, hectic, hustling
- occupy, absorb, employ, engage, engross, immerse, interest
Antonyms: free
Contrasted words: idle, inactive
Related Idioms: at work, on the fly
English Thesaurus: busy, rushed/run off your feet, snowed under, up to your ears/neck in something, tied up, ...

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I. busy1 S1 W2 /ˈbɪzi/ adjective (comparative busier, superlative busiest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: bisig]

1. PERSON if you are busy, you are working hard and have a lot of things to do:
She’s busy now – can you phone later?
a busy mother of four
busy with
Mr Haynes is busy with a customer at the moment.
busy doing something
Rachel’s busy studying for her exams.
There were lots of activities to keep the kids busy.

2. TIME a busy period of time is full of work or other activities:
December is the busiest time of year for shops.
a busy day
He took time out of his busy schedule to visit us.

3. PLACE a busy place is very full of people or vehicles and movement:
We live on a very busy road.

4. TELEPHONE especially American English if a telephone you are calling is busy, it makes a repeated sound to tell you that the person you are calling is talking on their telephone Synonym : engaged British English:
I called Sonya, but her line was busy.
I keep getting a busy signal.

5. PATTERN a pattern or design that is busy is too full of small details – used to show disapproval

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II. busy2 verb (past tense and past participle busied, present participle busying, third person singular busies) [transitive]
busy yourself with something to use your time dealing with something:
He busied himself with answering letters.

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VERBS be, look, seem | become, get | keep, remain She needed to keep busy.
keep sb I've got enough work to keep you busy.
ADV. awfully, extremely, really, terribly, very | exceptionally, particularly | desperately, frantically | a bit, fairly, pretty, quite, rather | constantly
PREP. with She was busy with her make-up.

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BAD: I was busy with cooking the dinner.
GOOD: I was busy cooking the dinner.

Usage Note:
be busy doing sth : 'She's busy trying to finish her thesis.'
Compare: 'I was busy with the housework.' 'I was busy doing the housework.'

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