by far

بسیار ، بمراتب
by far
Synonyms: far and away, by all odds, by a long shot, by long odds, by odds, out and away

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by far
by a great amount:
They are by far the best students in the class.

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by far
to a great degree.
She is by far the shortest student in the class.

She is greater by far than anyone playing today.

He is far and away the greatest tennis player I've ever seen.

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by far
greatly, by a great margin
He is by far the smartest person in his company.

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by far
adv. phr. By a large difference; much.
His work was better by far than that of any other printer in the city.
The old road is prettier, but it is by far the longer way.
Compare: FAR AND AWAY.

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