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cabinet /ˈkæbənət, ˈkæbɪnət/ noun [countable]

اطاق کوچک ، گنجه ، اطاقک کوچک ، قفسه ، جعبه کشودار ، کابینه ، هیئت دولت ، هیئت وزرا ، اطاقک ، علوم مهندسی: جعبه کشودار ، الکترونیک: کابینت ، عمران: اطاق کوچک ، معماری: اطاقک ، قانون ـ فقه: هیات دولت ، علوم نظامی: کمد
الکترونیک: کابینه ، هیات دولت ، فقهی: اطاق کوچک ، قفسه ، جعبه کشودار ، علوم مهندسی: قفسه ، گنجه ، اطاقک ، معماری: قفسه ، اطاقک کوچک ، کابینه ، کمد ، علوم نظامی: اطاق کوچک ، عمران: کابینت ، الکترونیک: قفسه ، جعبه کشودار، کابینه ، هییت دولت ، هییت وزرا، اطاقک

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Synonyms: council, administration, assembly, counsellors, ministry
Synonyms: cupboard, case, chiffonier, closet, commode, dresser, escritoire, locker

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cabinet S2 W2 /ˈkæbənət, ˈkæbɪnət/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: 'small room', from Old North French cabine 'room for gambling']

1. (also Cabinet) [also + plural verb] British English the politicians with important positions in a government who meet to make decisions or advise the leader of the government:
a cabinet meeting
a member of the CabinetShadow Cabinet at shadow3(2)

a piece of furniture with doors and shelves or drawers, used for storing or showing things Synonym : cupboard:
the medicine cabinet
filing cabinet

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I. (usually Cabinet) in government
ADJ. full There was a meeting of the full Cabinet this afternoon.
inner The inner Cabinet is to meet again today.
shadow (= the most important members of the opposition party) | war
VERB + CABINET appoint, choose, form | enlarge, expand | reshuffle The prime minister reshuffled (= changed) his Cabinet yesterday.
enter, join | leave, quit | consult | force The defeat in the vote forced the Cabinet to change its policy on immigration.
persuade, urge
CABINET + VERB meet | discuss sth
CABINET + NOUN member, minister | meeting | reshuffle The affair led to a mid-term Cabinet reshuffle (= when the prime minister/president changes some of the people in the Cabinet).

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II. cupboard
ADJ. glass/glass-fronted | bathroom, bedside, kitchen | medicine | china, display, trophy a glass-fronted china cabinet
cocktail, drinks | filing | storage
PREP. in a/the ~ Past reports are kept in the filing cabinet in my office.

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a cabinet meeting
A cabinet meeting will consider the government's environmental policies.
a cabinet member/a member of the cabinet
Two senior cabinet members have resigned.
a cabinet minister
Cabinet ministers voted against the proposal.
a cabinet reshuffle (=when members of a cabinet are given a different job)
Putin promoted his Defence Minister in a surprising cabinet reshuffle.
a cabinet post (=a job in a cabinet)
She accepted a cabinet post with the new Conservative government.
appoint a cabinet
The Prime Minister appoints the cabinet.
form a cabinet
Ministers remain in office until a new cabinet is formed.
join a cabinet
Lee was considered a likely candidate to join the cabinet.
the cabinet meets
The cabinet will meet again on April 30th.
the inner cabinet (=only the most important members)
He was a member of Howard's inner cabinet.
the full cabinet (=all the members)
There was a meeting of the full cabinet.
the shadow cabinet (=the most important members of the opposition party)
He joined the shadow cabinet as transport spokesman.

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