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cake /keɪk/ noun

قرص ، قالب کردن ، بشکل کیک دراوردن
- block, bar, cube, loaf, lump, mass, slab
- encrust, bake, coagulate, congeal, solidify
Related Words: besmear, coat, smear, spread, cover, daub, compress, condense, contract, shrink

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I. cake1 S2 W3 /keɪk/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old Norse; Origin: kaka]

1. [uncountable and countable] a soft sweet food made by baking a mixture of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs:
We had cake and ice cream.
a chocolate cake

2. fish/rice/potato etc cake fish, rice etc that has been formed into a flat round shape and then cooked

3. [countable] a small block of something
cake of
a cake of soap

4. be a piece of cake spoken to be very easy:
‘How do you do that?’ ‘It’s a piece of cake! Watch!’

5. take the cake (also take the biscuit British English) informal to be worse than anything else you can imagine:
I’ve heard some pretty dumb ideas, but that takes the cake!

6. have your cake and eat it British English, have your cake and eat it too American English spoken to have all the advantages of something without its disadvantages

7. a slice of the cake British English a share of the profit, help etc that is available:
Both companies expect to get a big slice of the cake.
sell like hot cakes at hot cake(1)

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II. cake2 verb

1. be caked with/in something to be covered with a layer of something soft or wet that becomes thick and hard when it dries:
Our boots were caked with mud.

2. [intransitive] if a substance cakes, it forms a thick hard layer when it dries

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ADJ. home-made | moist, rich, sticky a rich, moist fruit cake
apple, carrot, chocolate, cream, fruit, seed, sponge | layer, sandwich | birthday, Christmas, wedding I blew out the candles on my birthday cake.
QUANT. bit, piece, slice He cut her a slice of cake.
VERB + CAKE eat, have | bake, make | decorate, ice, spread with sth Spread the cake with the butter cream.
cut Everyone cheered as the bride and groom cut the wedding cake.
CAKE + NOUN crumbs She brushed some cake crumbs off her lap.
recipe | mix, mixture a packet of cake mix Pour the cake mixture into a greased and lined tin.
board, tin | shop, stall, stand
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make/bake a cake
Let's make a cake for his birthday.
decorate a cake
We decorated the cake with strawberries and cream.
ice a cake British English, frost a cake American English (=cover a cake with fine sugar mixed with a liquid)
She iced her own wedding cake.
a piece/slice of cake
Would you like a slice of cake?
a cake recipe
Do you have any good cake recipes?
a cake tin British English, a cake pan American English (=that you bake a cake in)
Use a 20 cm cake tin.
a cake shop
There's a very good cake shop in the market.
cake mix (=a mixture that you buy in a packet and use for making a cake)
If I'm feeling lazy, I sometimes use a cake mix.
a birthday/Christmas/wedding cake (=a special cake for a birthday etc)
Lucy had twelve candles on her birthday cake.
a home-made cake
Home-made cakes are much nicer than bought ones.
a fruit cake (=one with dried fruit in it)
Fruit cakes keep for quite a long time.
a sponge cake (=one made from flour, butter, sugar, and eggs)
It's best to eat sponge cakes on the day you make them.
a chocolate/lemon etc cake (=a sponge cake with a chocolate etc flavour)
She'd baked a chocolate cake for me.
a cream cake (=one with thick cream inside it)
I'll get fat if I eat any more cream cakes.

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See: eat-one's cake and have it too , pat-a-cake , take the cake

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