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camera /ˈkæmərə/ noun [countable]

Irregular Forms: (pl) camerae

دوربین یا جعبه عکاسی ، علوم مهندسی: دوربین
کامپیوتر: دوربین کامپیوتر: دوربین

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camera S2 W3 /ˈkæmərə/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: camera obscura 'box with a hole through which an image is made to appear on the inside of the box' (18-21 centuries), from Modern Latin, 'dark room'; chamber]

1. a piece of equipment used to take photographs or make films or television programmes ⇒ camcorder, video camera
on/off camera (=while a camera is recording or not recording)
The crime was caught on camera by police.

2. in camera law a law case that is held in camera takes place secretly or privately

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ADJ. 3D, automatic, box, cine, closed-circuit, digital, electronic, infra-red, microfilm, movie, pinhole, polaroid, SLR, television/TV, underwater, video | compact | security, surveillance | hand-held, mobile | candid
VERB + CAMERA focus, point Simply point your camera at the subject and press the button.
pose for The royal couple posed for the cameras.
brave, face He couldn't bring himself to face the cameras and left by a back exit.
mount The film was taken by a camera mounted on a hang-glider.
install Closed-circuit cameras have been installed throughout the building.
set up The crews have been setting up their cameras.
CAMERA + VERB film sth | catch sth The camera has caught the expression on the Queen's face beautifully.
focus on | roll The director gave the signal and the cameras rolled.
click She stepped onto the balcony and a thousand cameras clicked.
CAMERA + NOUN crew, team | assistant | bag, equipment, lens, tripod | angle, position | work
PREP. in front of the ~s He played his first match at Everton in front of the TV cameras.
off ~ The incident occurred off camera (= was not filmed).
on ~ The moment was caught on camera.

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point a camera at somebody/something
A group of Japanese tourists were pointing their cameras at the cathedral.
focus a camera on somebody/something (=point it very exactly at somebody/something)
The TV cameras were focused on his face.
pose for the camera (=sit or stand in a position in order to be photographed)
Can you pose for the camera?
be caught on camera (=be photographed, especially doing something wrong)
The boys were caught on camera leaving the station.
load a camera (=put a film in it)
I had loaded my camera with a black and white film.
set up a camera (=make a camera ready to use)
The team set up their cameras some distance from the animals.
install a camera (=in a building or public place, for security)
Cameras have been installed on almost every street corner.
a digital camera (=an electronic camera that does not use film)
The magazine has a review of the best digital cameras.
a compact camera (=a small, simple camera that uses film)
There are some very good compact cameras around.
a video camera (=that records moving pictures)
They hired a video camera to use at their wedding.
a television camera
He never felt comfortable in front of television cameras.
a film/movie camera
Karl trained the movie camera on him.
a security/surveillance camera (=a camera that takes photographs of people in buildings or public places)
He was seen on a car park security camera.
a camera lens
A high quality camera lens is the key to taking good photographs.
camera equipment
Camera equipment worth £3000 was stolen in the robbery.
a camera case (=for carrying a camera in)
A camera case is essential for protecting your camera.
a camera crew (=the people who work the cameras that make a film or programme)
We can provide a professional camera crew for any type of production.

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