captivate ●●○○○
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captivate /ˈkæptəveɪt, ˈkæptɪveɪt/ verb [transitive]

شیفتن ، فریفتن ، اسیر کردن
Synonyms: charm, allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, enchant, enrapture, enthral, entrance, fascinate, infatuate, mesmerize
Antonyms: repulse
Related Words: delight, gratify, please, enthrall, grip, hold, mesmerize, spellbind

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captivate /ˈkæptəveɪt, ˈkæptɪveɪt/ verb [transitive]
to attract someone very much, and hold their attention
be captivated by somebody/something
He was captivated by her beauty.

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