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cardboard /ˈkɑːdbɔːd $ ˈkɑːrdbɔːrd/ noun [uncountable]

مقوای نازک ، علوم مهندسی: مقوای نازک
Synonyms: stiff, buckram, muscle-bound, stilted, wooden
Related Words: unlifelike, unreal, unrealistic

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I. cardboard1 /ˈkɑːdbɔːd $ ˈkɑːrdbɔːrd/ noun [uncountable]
stiff thick brown paper, used especially for making boxes:
a sheet of cardboard

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II. cardboard2 adjective

1. made from cardboard:
a cardboard box

2. [only before noun] seeming silly and not real:
a romantic novel full of cardboard characters

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ADJ. thick | thin | stiff | corrugated
QUANT. piece, sheet a sheet of stiff black cardboard
VERB + CARDBOARD be made from/(out) of, make sth from/out of | cut
CARDBOARD + NOUN box, carton, tube | cut-out There was a life-size cardboard cut-out of Elvis Presley in the shop window.

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