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care   for  

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care for
- look after, attend, foster, mind, minister to, nurse, protect, provide for, tend, watch over
- like, be fond of, desire, enjoy, love, prize, take to, want
Related Idioms: take care of
English Thesaurus: care, caution, prudence, vigilance, regard for something, ...

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care for somebody/something phrasal verb (see also care)

1. to look after someone who is not able to look after themselves Synonym : take care of:
He thanked the nurses who had cared for him.
The children are well cared for.

2. to do things that keep something in good condition:
Instructions on caring for your new sofa are included.

3. would you care for something? spoken formal used to ask someone politely if they would like something:
Would you care for another drink?

4. not care for somebody/something formal to not like someone or something:
I don’t much care for his parents.

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