carry on
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ادامه دادن

: carry on (mil)

علوم دریایی: ازاد
کامپیوتر: ادامه دادن

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carry on
- continue, endure, keep going, last, maintain, perpetuate, persevere, persist
- make a fuss, create (slang), misbehave, raise Cain
English Thesaurus: continue, last, go on, carry on, drag on, ...

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carry on phrasal verb (see also carry)

1. especially British English to continue doing something:
Sorry, I interrupted you. Please carry on.
carry on doing something
You’ll have an accident if you carry on driving like that.
carry on with
I want to carry on with my course.
carry on as usual/as you are/regardless etc

2. to continue moving:
He stopped and looked back, then carried on down the stairs.
Carry straight on until you get to the traffic lights.

3. carry on something if you carry on a particular kind of work or activity, you do it or take part in it:
Mr Dean carried on his baking business until he retired.
It was so noisy it was hard to carry on a conversation.

4. spoken to talk in an annoying way
carry on about
I wish everyone would stop carrying on about it.

5. old-fashioned to have a sexual relationship with someone, when you should not:
Lucy confessed to carrying on behind her husband’s back.
carry on with
She was carrying on with a neighbour.

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I. ˈcarry-on1 noun [countable]

1. British English spoken a situation in which someone behaves in a silly or annoying way:
What a carry-on!

2. American English a bag that you are allowed to take onto a plane with you
carry on at carry1

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II. carry-on2 adjective [only before noun]
carry-on bags are ones that you are allowed to take onto a plane with you

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carry on
to continue to do or be involved in something.
Dianne is carrying on the family tradition by becoming a lawyer.

It's hard to carry on a business and take care of a small child at the same time.

to behave in a manner that is not controlled.
The kids have been carrying on all day.

to continue behaving in a particular way.
You've got to carry on as though nothing happened.

to continuously complain about something.
My grandmother carried on about the bad language she hears on TV.

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carry on
to continue, to keep doing something as before
We were permitted to carry on with the party after we talked to the apartment manager.

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carry on
1. To work at; be busy with; manage.
Bill and his father carried on a hardware business.
Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith carried on a long correspondence with each other.
2. To keep doing as before; continue.
After his father died, Bill carried on with the business.
The colonel told the soldiers to carry on while he was gone.
Though tired and hungry, the Scouts carried on until they reached camp.
Compare: BEAR UP2, GO ON.
3a. informal To behave in a noisy, foolish, and troublesome manner.
The boys carried on in the swimming pool until the lifeguard ordered them out.
3b. informal To make too great a show of feeling, such as anger, grief, and pain.
John carried on for ten minutes after he hit his thumb with the hammer.
Compare: TAKE ON4.
4. informal To act in an immoral or scandalous way; act disgracefully.
The townspeople said that he was carrying on with a neighbor girl.

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