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category /ˈkætəɡəri, ˈkætɪɡəri $ -ɡɔːri/ noun (plural categories) [countable]

نوع ، قلم ، جنس ، طبقه اجناس ، طبقه افراد ، اقلام اماد ، دسته ، زمره ، طبقه ، مقوله منطقی ، رده ، معماری: طبقه ، قانون ـ فقه: مقوله ، روانشناسی: طبقه ، زیست شناسی: دسته ، ورزش: رده ، علوم نظامی: طبقه نگهداری
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: رسته - مقوله
فروش/خرید/تدارکات: دسته طبقه کامپیوتر: طبقه ، فهرست

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Synonyms: class, classification, department, division, grade, grouping, heading, section, sort, type
English Thesaurus: type/kind/sort, kind, sort, form, variety, ...

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category S2 W2 AC /ˈkætəɡəri, ˈkætɪɡəri $ -ɡɔːri/ noun (plural categories) [countable]
[Word Family: noun: category, categorization; verb: categorize]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Late Latin; Origin: categoria, from Greek, from kategorein 'to accuse, make a statement about', from kata- (cataclysm) + agora 'public gathering']
a group of people or things that are all of the same type
category of
There are five categories of workers.
people in the over-45 age category
Seats are available in eight of the ten price categories.
fall into/belong in/fit into a category
Voters fall into three main categories.
Williams’ style does not fit easily into the category of jazz.

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ADJ. broad, general | narrow | distinct, separate | special We have created a special category for part-time workers.
high (law) the highest category of sexual assault
high-risk Intravenous drug users are in a high-risk category for hepatitis C.
age, social
VERB + CATEGORY be included in, belong to, come into, fall into, fit (into) The towns investigated fell into two broad categories.
assign sb/sth to, divide sb/sth into, group sb/sth under, put sb/sth in/into | create, define, establish
CATEGORY + VERB comprise sth, include sth
PREP. in/within a/the ~ He competed in the youngest age category.
~ of a higher category of prison
PHRASES be in a category (all) of its/your own (= to be unique)

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belong to a category
A lot of water plants belong to this category.
fall/come into a category
The data we collected fell into two categories.
fit into a category
Rogers doesn’t fit into either category.
put somebody/something into categories
People are individuals and you can’t really put them into categories.
group somebody/something into categories
Let’s start by grouping the books into categories.
divide/split something into categories
The exhibition of 360 paintings is divided into three categories.
a broad/general category
Our range of programmes come into three broad categories.
the main category
This is the main category of patients.
There are two main categories of university fees.
a major category
a major category of vehicle
Theft is one of the major categories of crime.
a special category (=one that nothing else belongs to)
The constitution was defined as a special category of law.
a distinct/separate category (=clearly different from others)
Animals fall into distinct categories.

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