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ceremony /ˈserəməni, ˈserɪməni $ -moʊni/ noun (plural ceremonies)

مراسم نظامی (سان و رژه یا مراسم تحلیف) ، تشریفات ، جشن ، مراسم ، قانون ـ فقه: ایین ، علوم نظامی: مراسم نظامی
- ritual, commemoration, function, observance, parade, rite, service, show, solemnities
- formality, ceremonial, decorum, etiquette, niceties, pomp, propriety, protocol

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ceremony /ˈserəməni, ˈserɪməni $ -moʊni/ noun (plural ceremonies)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: cerymonie, from Latin caerimonia]

1. [countable] an important social or religious event, when a traditional set of actions is performed in a formal way ⇒ ceremonial:
a wedding ceremony
the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

2. [uncountable] the special actions and formal words traditionally used on particular occasions:
The queen was crowned with due ceremony.

3. without ceremony in a very informal way, without politeness:
He wished me good luck in the future and left without further ceremony.
not stand on ceremony at stand1(42)

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I. formal public/religious event
ADJ. brief, short | quiet, simple | elaborate, glittering | moving, solemn | private, public | formal, important, official, special an official ceremony to welcome the new director
opening the opening ceremony of the Olympic games
closing | award/awards | civil | cake-cutting, dedication, degree, funeral, graduation, inauguration, initiation, marriage, naming, presentation, prize-giving, signing, swearing-in, tea, unveiling, wedding, wreath-laying the Japanese tea ceremony
VERB + CEREMONY conduct, hold, perform The marriage ceremony was performed by the bishop.
attend, be present at, take part in
CEREMONY + VERB take place | mark sth a special ceremony to mark the end of the war
PREP. at a/the ~ the guest of honour at the ceremony
during a/the ~ A lot of people wept during the funeral ceremony.
in a/the ~ They were married in a simple ceremony.

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II. formal behaviour/traditional actions and words
VERB + CEREMONY stand on I won't stand on ceremony (= be formal).
PREP. without ~ Without ceremony, the woman slammed the door shut in my face.
PHRASES pomp and ceremony the pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding
with due/great ceremony With due ceremony, he took the oath to become president.

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hold a ceremony
A ceremony was held in Berlin to mark the occasion.
attend a ceremony
I attended the ceremony at the cathedral.
be present at a ceremony
The French ambassador was present at the ceremony.
perform/conduct a ceremony
The Bishop of Louisiana performed the ceremony.
a ceremony takes place
The ceremony took place on 13th June at 2:30.
a ceremony marks something
a ceremony marking the beginning of adulthood
a religious ceremony
Did you have a religious ceremony when you got married?
a wedding/marriage ceremony
It was a beautiful wedding ceremony.
a civil ceremony (=a wedding ceremony that is not a religious one)
They married in a registrar's office, in a civil ceremony.
a special ceremony
The winners will receive their awards at a special ceremony in London.
a short/brief ceremony
He became acting president in a brief ceremony yesterday.
a simple ceremony
The gymnasium was opened in a simple ceremony on 26th May.
a grand/elaborate ceremony
The inhabitants of the town organized a grand ceremony to mark the occasion.
a solemn ceremony (=a very serious one)
There was a solemn ceremony in an ancient Roman church.
a traditional ceremony
The tribe still practise many of their traditional ceremonies.
an opening/closing ceremony (=at the beginning or end of a special event)
I stayed for the closing ceremony.
an unveiling ceremony (=to show the public something new, for example a work of art)
He attended the statue's unveiling ceremony.
an awards ceremony (=to give people prizes for good achievements)
the annual television awards ceremony
a prize-giving ceremony (=to give people prizes for good achievements at school or college)
A prize-giving ceremony will take place tomorrow night at the university.
a graduation ceremony (=when you get your university degree)
His proud parents attended his graduation ceremony.
an inauguration ceremony (=when someone becomes President, Chancellor etc)
It was the nation's 53rd inauguration ceremony.
a swearing-in ceremony (=in which someone starting a public job promises to do it well)
the presidential swearing-in ceremony
a coronation ceremony (=in which someone becomes the new king or queen)
Queen Elizabeth's coronation ceremony took place in 1953.
a funeral ceremony
Funeral ceremonies have been held since ancient times.
an initiation ceremony (=in which someone officially becomes an adult, a member of a group etc)
tribal initiation ceremonies
a naming ceremony (=to name a baby, without a religious service)
Many people opt for a naming ceremony rather than a christening.
the tea ceremony (=a traditional ceremony in Japan for preparing and serving tea)
It is Japan's leading school for teaching the tea ceremony.

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See: stand on ceremony

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