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chairman /ˈtʃeəmən $ ˈtʃer-/ noun (plural chairmen /-mən/) [countable]

رئیس جلسه ، مدیر ، فرنشین ، رئیس ، ریاست کردن ، اداره کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: رئیس هیات مدیره ، بازرگانی: رئیس هیئت مدیره
Synonyms: director, chairperson, chairwoman, master of ceremonies, president, speaker, spokesman

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chairman S3 W1 /ˈtʃeəmən $ ˈtʃer-/ noun (plural chairmen /-mən/) [countable]

1. someone, especially a man, who is in charge of a meeting or directs the work of a committee or an organization ⇒ chairwoman
chairman of
Potts was appointed chairman of the education committee.
deputy/vice chairman
Barrett serves as vice chairman.
Many people use chairperson or chair instead, to avoid suggesting that this person must be a man.

2. British English someone who is in charge of a large company or organization:
the chairman of British Aerospace
Williams has been chairman of the board for five years.

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