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chapter /ˈtʃæptə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
Chapter 11 /ˌtʃæptər ɪˈlevən/

فصل (کتاب) ، شعبه ، قسمت ، باب
مهندسی صنایع: فصل ، بخش ، قسمت کامپیوتر: فصل ، بخش ، قسمت

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Synonyms: section, clause, division, episode, part, period, phase, stage, topic
English Thesaurus: part, bit, piece, component, section, ...

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chapter S3 W1 AC /ˈtʃæptə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: chapitre, from Late Latin capitulum, from Latin caput 'head']

1. one of the parts into which a book is divided:
Read Chapter 11 as your homework.
This chapter discusses power, and how people use it.

2. a particular period or event in someone’s life or in history ⇒ era
chapter of
a new chapter of peace and cooperation
chapter in
the noblest chapter in our history

3. all the priests belonging to a cathedral, or a meeting of these priests

4. the local members of a large organization such as a club:
the local chapter of the American Legion

5. give/quote somebody chapter and verse to give someone exact details about where to find some information

6. a chapter of accidents British English a series of unlucky events coming one after another

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Chapter 11 /ˌtʃæptər ɪˈlevən/
a part of the US bankruptcy laws that allows a company with financial problems to reorganize itself so that it will not be forced to close down:
Our competitor has filed for Chapter 11.
Chapter 11 proceedings

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I. part of a book
ADJ. introductory, opening
VERB + CHAPTER read I read the first few chapters and then got bored.
PREP. in a/the ~ His influence on other writers will be discussed in the next chapter.
~ about/on a chapter on the city's architecture

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II. particular period
ADJ. difficult, sad, unhappy Her return to France ended a particularly unhappy chapter in her life.

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this chapter/the present chapter
The present chapter deals with the years leading up to the war.
the next chapter
This theme will be developed in the next chapter.
the following chapters (=the ones after this one)
The following chapters will explore this issue.
the previous/preceding chapter
The method is described in the previous chapter.
earlier chapters (=the ones before this one)
All these have been mentioned briefly in earlier chapters.
later chapters (=the ones after this one)
These points will be explored in more detail in later chapters.
the introductory/opening chapter (=the first chapter)
There’s a short introductory chapter giving an outline of the subject matter.
the last/final chapter
The final chapter summarizes the themes in the book.
be divided into chapters
The book is divided into ten chapters.
read a chapter
I haven’t even read the first chapter yet.
write a chapter
He wrote the first chapter 20 years before the book was published.
see chapter 2/3 etc (=used in books to direct a reader to a chapter)
His scientific claims were never justified (see chapter 16).
be discussed/described in chapter 1/2/3 etc
These points will be discussed in chapter 8.
a chapter deals with something
Three further chapters deal with soil, water, and air.
a chapter explores something
The second chapter explores the effects of these changes in more detail.
a chapter is devoted to something (=it deals only with a particular subject)
Five whole chapters are devoted to social reform.
the beginning/start of a chapter
His character is introduced at the beginning of the first chapter.
the end of a chapter
The answers are given at the end of the chapter.
the remainder of a chapter formal (=the rest of a chapter)
The remainder of this chapter is devoted to a discussion of privatization.

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