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chat /tʃæt/ noun [uncountable and countable]

گپ زدن ، دوستانه حرف زدن ، سخن دوستانه ، درددل ، گپ
کامپیوتر: چت کردن، گپ زدن در اینترنت ، در چت کردن امکاناتی مانند ارسال پیغام به صورت متن یا صدا یا تصویر به طور مستقیم و یا غیر زنده وجود دارد و امکانات دیگری مانند فرستادن فایل و... هم ممکن می باشد

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- talk, chatter, chinwag (Brit. informal), conversation, gossip, heart-to-heart, natter, tête-à-tête
- talk, chatter, gossip, jaw (slang), natter
Contrasted words: discourse, expound, declaim, harangue, hold forth, orate, preach, debate, deliberation, discussion
Related Idioms: beat one's gums, chew the fat (or rag), shoot (or bat) the breeze, shoot (or sling) the bull, bull session, rap session
Related Words: yap, blab, gossip, gush, lallygag, confabulate, tête-à-tête
English Thesaurus: conversation, discussion, talk, chat, natter, ...

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I. chat1 S2 /tʃæt/ noun [uncountable and countable]
especially British English an informal friendly conversation
chat with
I’ve had a long chat with Vinnie.
chat about
a chat about the weather
She was enjoying their friendly little chat.
She used to drop in for a chat quite often.

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II. chat2 verb (past tense and past participle chatted, present participle chatting) [intransitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: chatter]

1. (also chat away) especially British English to talk in a friendly informal way, especially about things that are not important:
John and I sat up until the early hours chatting.
chat with/to
Mary was there, chatting to her mother.
chat about
Susie chatted away about her social life.

2. to communicate with several people in a chat room on the Internet
chat somebody ↔ up phrasal verb
British English informal to talk to someone in a way that shows you are sexually attracted to them:
I spent the evening chatting up Liz.

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ADJ. brief, little, quick, short | long | cosy, fireside, friendly, good, nice | casual, informal | quiet | interesting | idle | confidential, private
VERB + CHAT have We had a nice chat over a cup of tea.
CHAT + NOUN show
PREP. ~ about a chat about his new job
~ between a chat between Mr Blair and a journalist
~ to/with I'll have a chat to John about it. a friendly chat with a neighbour

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ADV. briefly | amicably, casually, easily, informally You will have a chance to circulate and chat informally.
politely | away They chatted away to each other.
PREP. about We chatted briefly about the weather.
to George was in the kitchen chatting to some friends.
with I spent a happy half-hour chatting with a friend.

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have a chat
We were just having a chat.
call in/round for a chat
Are you free later if I call in for a chat?
meet up for a chat
Sometimes we go to the cinema or just meet up for a chat.
enjoy a chat
Most people enjoy a good chat.
a little chat
Why don’t you call her and have a little chat.
a brief chat formal
My manager said he wanted to have a brief chat with me.
a bit of a chat spoken BrE:
Perhaps I could have a bit of a chat with him.
a long chat
We sat down and had a long chat.
a friendly chat
New students sometimes just need to have a friendly chat with someone.
a cosy chat (=a relaxed and usually private one)
I made some coffee and we had a cosy chat.
an informal chat
Come and see me any time if you want an informal chat about jobs.
a private/confidential chat
Have a confidential chat with the school nurse.
a quiet chat (=one that other people will not interrupt.)
Let’s go and have a quiet chat over lunch.
an online chat (=one had with someone over the internet)
With MSN you can have an online chat with your friends.

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