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chaw verb. [tʃɔ:] Now colloq. & dial.
chaw noun. [tʃɔ:] Long obsolete exc. Scot.
chaw noun. [tʃɔ:] colloq. & dial.

چاشت ، غذا خوردن ، جویدن ، بادندان خرد وپاره کردن ، (درجمع) ارواره ، فک ، لقمه جویده ، علوم نظامی: چاشت خوردن
Synonyms: chew, champ, chomp, chonk, chumble, crunch, masticate, munch, ruminate, scrunch, ponder, deliberate, meditate, mull (over), muse, revolve, roll, turn over

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chaw (chô) Nonstandard
intr. & tr.v. chawed, chaw·ing, chaws
To chew.
A chew, especially of tobacco.

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[Variant of chew.]
Regional Note: Chaw has a wide range of senses in regional expressions. One Northern and Western meaning of the verb is “to bawl someone out”:
He chawed her good. A Southern sense is “to get the best of someone in a bantering contest” or simply “to embarrass”: “That compliment sort of chawed me” (Publication of the American Dialect Society). The noun chaw can mean “a twist of chewing tobacco” or “an attachment or hold (on someone)” for example, a flirtatious woman in Tennessee is “tryin' to git a chaw on a feller” (Dialect Notes).

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