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cheat /tʃiːt/ verb

موضع گرفتن در نقطه دور برای دفاع (فوتبال امریکایی) ، ادم متقلب وفریبنده ، فریب دادن ، خدعه کردن ، گول زدن ، جر زدن ، قانون ـ فقه: مغبون کردن ، ورزش: تکمیل چرخش روی زمین بجای هوا
کامپیوتر: رمز

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- deceive, beguile, con (informal), defraud, double-cross (informal), dupe, fleece, fool, mislead, rip off (slang), swindle, trick
- deceiver, charlatan, con man (informal), double-crosser (informal), shark, sharper, swindler, trickster
- deception, deceit, fraud, rip-off (slang), scam (slang), swindle, trickery
Related Words: bamboozlement, cozening, hoaxing, chicane, chicanery, trickery, befool, dupe, fool, gull, slick, bunco, con, fudge, short, beguile, deceive, delude, double-cross, mislead
English Thesaurus: cheat, con, swindle, defraud, do somebody out of something, ...

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I. cheat1 S3 /tʃiːt/ verb
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: cheat 'legal removal of someone's property' (14-17 centuries), from escheat]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to behave in a dishonest way in order to win or to get an advantage, especially in a competition, game, or examination:
He had cheated in the test by using a calculator.
Don’t look at my cards – that’s cheating.
cheat at
She claimed that I cheated at chess.

2. [transitive] to trick or deceive someone so that they do not get or keep something they have a right to have:
Illegal workers are often cheated by employers.
cheat somebody (out) of something
She cheated her aged aunt out of her fortune.

3. feel cheated to feel that you have been treated wrongly or unfairly and have not got what you deserve:
She felt cheated and used.

4. cheat death/fate etc to manage to avoid death or a very bad situation even though it seemed that you would not be able to:
The Italian ace cheated death in a spectacular 100 mph crash.

5. be cheated of victory/success etc if you are cheated of victory, success etc, you do not achieve it because of something unfortunate that happens

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II. cheat2 noun [countable]

1. someone who is dishonest and cheats:
His addiction has turned him into a cheat and a liar.

2. a cheat something that is dishonest or unfair

3. a set of instructions given to a computer that make it easier for someone who is playing a computer game to win

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