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وارد شدن ، نام نویسی کردن ، علوم نظامی: مراسم ورود
check in phrasal verb (see also check)

1. if you check in or are checked in at a hotel or airport, you go to the desk and report that you have arrived:
Check in two hours before the flight.
check in at
He checked in at the Europa Hotel.
check somebody ↔ in
Airline employees were checking in passengers.check-in

2. check something ↔ in to leave your bags at an official place so they can be put on a plane or a train, or to take someone’s bags in order to do this:
I said goodbye and went to check in my suitcases.

3. American English to call someone to tell them that you are safe or where you are:
He just called to check in and tell them how he was doing.

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ˈcheck-in noun

1. [singular] a place where you report your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital etc:
the check-in desk
Make sure you’re at the check-in by 5.30.

2. [uncountable] the process of reporting your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital etc:
Ask your travel agent about check-in times.
check in at check1

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check in
check in (with (someone))
to communicate with someone, esp. regularly.
When traveling, I am supposed to check in with my boss at least once a day.

to give your name when you arrive at a place.
With all these security measures, you have to check in at least two hours hour before your flight.

Usage notes: usually said about giving your name at a place you will be staying, such as a hotel, or before traveling on an aircraft

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check in
1a. To sign your name (as at a hotel or convention).
The last guests to reach the hotel checked in at 12 o'clock.
Antonym: CHECK OUT.
1b. informal To arrive.
The friends we had invited did not check in until Saturday.
2. To receive (something) back and make a record of it.
The coach checked in the football uniforms at the end of the school year.
The students put their books on the library desk, and the librarian checked them in.

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